Aherwara Aherwara


St. Paul’s Vinayalaya, Aherwada, P.O. Bandeli, Tal – Keolari, Dist. – M.P. – 480994 - 07694-263010

Established 1996
Sub-Station Keolari, Tala Ugli
Patron St. Paul
Feast 25th Jan
Families 96
Parish Priest Fr. Briddhichand Nonwar ,9824388071
Asst. Priest Fr. Eric Soreng ,9424388071
Religious House (Men) Norbertine Fathers
Religious House (Women) Maids of the Poor

Aherwada mission was a visiting mission of Balpur mission of Jabalpur Diocese since 1978. Aherwada is a small interior village situated 10 kms away from Keolari Tahsil. This mission is 196 kms away from Nagpur city and comes under Seoni distirict of Madhya Pradesh.

In the year 1980, Maids of the Poor, a secular institution from Lucknow staying in Balpur began to visit Aherwada and later made their permanent residence at Aherwada which was by then under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Nagpur. Catechumens of the village used to regularly take part in the sunday masses in Nainpur and Fr. Cyril from Seoni was appointed to take care of their spiritual needs. Fr. Albert D' Souza was the first priest in charge of Aherwada mission. In the year 1991 Fr. Louis Bhosle and Fr. Yesu Raj built the residence and a hall for the church purposes. Fr. John Vianney succeeded Fr. Louis Bhosle and Late Fr. Kurien became the mission in charge after Fr. John Vianney.

On December 17, 1998 a contract was signed between the Archdiocese of Nagpur and the then St. Norbert Priory, Jamtara, Jabalpur. Since then this Mission station is given to the care of the Norbertines. On December 22nd, 1998  Fr. Eliazar Soemerim O.Praem was appointed as the first Norbertine priest in charge of the mission. He worked for 11 years for the development of the mission. At present Fr. Briddhichand Nonwer, O.Praem is the priest in charge of this mission.

When the mission was taken up by the Norbetines the catholic population was just 44 including the fathers and sisters. Formerly the mission consisted of two visiting stations namely Keolari (10km) and Tala (14km). Today a new visiting station namely Ugli which is 26 km away is part Aherwada mission and the number of Catholics belonging to this mission at present is 96. The Parish feast is celebrated on 25th of January.

Ajini Ajni


St. Anthony’s Church, Ajni, Nagpur – 440003 M.S.- 0712-2744504

Established 1932
Patron St. Anthony
Feast 13th June
Families 650
Parish Priest Fr. Anthony D’Souza ,9423681568
Asst. Priest Fr. Sumit Lugun
Religious House (Women) 1) Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate
2) Daughters of Mary
3) Apostolic Carmel

St. Anthony's Church, Ajni is one of the oldest parishes of the Archdiocese of Nagpur. As per the available data this parish had a humble beginning in 1919. Holy Eucharist was celebrated in the G.I.P Railway (presently the Central Railway) quarters of Ajni on every Sunday since January of that year.

In March 1931 Rt. Rev. Coppel took the momentous decision to have a church built for the good of the faithful. The project of building the church was entrusted to Fr. Vincent Lucasz, then teacher at SFS School who went about the task of collecting funds and supervising the construction with great zeal. The church of St. Anthony with Bro. Harold D'Silva as its engineer was completed and blessed by Bishop Louis Gayet on December 20, 1934.

With a view to keep pace with and accomodate the increasing number of catholics, the church, the adjoining presbytery and parish hall has been rebuilt under the guidance of Rev. Fr Jerome Pinto. The restructuring began on 30th November 1997 at the hands of Most Rev. Leobard D'Souza and the new church was blessed and dedicated by Most Rev. Abraham Viruthakulangara on 15th November 1998.

The dedicated work of the former resident priests is continued by Fr. Anthony J.D'Souza and Fr. Sunit Lugun, the present incumbents. Centered on the Word of God and the Eucharist, the faith-formed, hope and spirit-filled community endeavours to fullfil its mission in the church and the world. The Parish Council members, the Animators of the Small Christian Communities and Area Collectors assist in planning and effectively carrying out the decisions for the spiritual and temporal good of the parishioners. The meticulous work of the various committees ensures a prayerful and meaningful participation of the faithful at the Sunday Liturgy and the celebration of important Feasts and devotions. Sunday Religious instruction is imparted to the students from class I to X, while special attention is given to the children to prepare them for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Regular family visits specially to the old and the sick, area-wise celebration of the Holy Eucharist, SCC Prayer Meetings are a regular feature of the parish life. This is supplemented by organising various programs for the children, the youth and various age groups/professionals of the parish. The celebration of Children's Day, Youth Day, Mother's Day, Family Day and Parish Day help in strengthening the bonds of love and unity in the parish.

It is nice to remember that St. Anthony's School took its miniature form in 1928. This was started by then Asst. Parish Priest of S.F.S. Cathedral, Rev. Fr. F.X. Collaco. He began the school in a plot of land acquired from the railways, close to the railway colony. When this school began there was no sign of human existence in this area except a small temporary shed which was known as St. Anthony's Primary School. As the years advanced the school too grew into full fledged high school along with the parish.

May our Blessed Mother and the great St. Anthony continue to protect and bless our Parish.

Amla Amla


Christ the King Church, P.O. – Amla, Dist – Betul, M.P. – 460551- 0714-7285977

Established 1932
Sub-Station Pandurna, Multai
Patron Christ the King
Families 15
Parish Priest Fr. Yesu Raj 9873466366
Religious House (Women) Little Flower Sisters

Christ the King Church was established on 25th Nov. 1932. According to the Baptism Register the first person was baptised on 3rd Nov. 1911 at Betul by Rev. Fr. J. Servage and at Amla Parish first person was Baptised on 20th May 1918 by Rev. Fr. P. Probat. According to the Baptism Register it shows that the Parish Priest was taking care of Betul and Junardeo also.

At present the Parish Priest of Amla takes care of Air Force, Pandhurna and Navegaon Mission Station. At the Air force station mass is celebrated every Sunday and at Pandhurna and Navegaon once a month on week days.

Parish Council was established in 1993. In 1996 there were four prayer groups, now there have only eight families in the Parish and few members therefore now only one prayer group.

Catechism classes are conducted for youth every Sunday after mass both in the Parish Church and Air Force.

Anantnagar Anantnagar


Mary Queen of Apostles Church, Post Box – 18, Anantnagar, Nagpur- 440013 0712-2581255

Established 1998
Patron Mary Queen of Apostles
Feast 31st May
Families 200
Parish Priest Fr. Vincent SAC , , 9421701682
Religious House (Men) : 1) Society of the Catholic Apostolate
2) Order of St. Camillus
Religious House (Women) 1) Society of the Catholic Apostolate
2) Order of St. Camillus

The parish was officially installed in 1998 with Fr Leenus Neetany as the first parish priest.

The following is the list of parish priest who served from 1998 till date

1.  Rev. Fr. Leenus Neetany- 1998

2.  Rev Fr Shaji Mathew- 1999-2002

3.  Rev Fr Anto Kaitharath -2002-2003

4.  Rev Fr Augustine Kolencherry–2003 2004

5.  Rev Fr Joseph Thazhanganatt – 2004-2007

6.  Rev Fr Vincent Thottupatt - 2007

The parish was carved out of Rosary Parish officially in 1998 and installed by Most  Rev. Leobard D'Souza. It is situated in Pallotti  Nagar and run by Pallottine fathers of Prabhu Prakash Province. The parish has grown from 50 families to about 200 as of date. The parish has a lot of pastoral activites carried out at the parish level by the parish pastoral councils in collaboration with the 9 SCCs. The SCC has become the way of life in this parish. The other institutions existing are: St. Vincent Pallotti CBSE school and Junior college, Pallottine Sisters Convent and a formation house of the Assisi Sisters. All the institutions play an important role in the life and the mission of the local church at Pallotti Nagar. As per the vision and mission of the archdiocese we have PPC, SCCs who join in all the activities of the archdiocese as and when it is desired.

Baihar Baihar


St. Jude’s Church, P.O. – Baihar, Dt. – Balaghat, M.P. – 481111 - 07636-256621

Established 1998
Sub-Station Ghadi, Ukuwa
Patron St. Jude
Feast 28 Oct
Families 21
Parish Priest Fr. Vikas Joseph

Baihar mission is one of the furthest missions of the Archdiocese of Nagpur and is situated 290 kms away from the archdiocesan headquarters. Baihar mission is in remote village which comes under the Baihar Tahasil of Balaghat district in the state of MP. It is situated in the Satpuda mountain range. The inhabitants of this place are Gond Tribal and their frugal lifestyle is being met by gathering scarce forest products. This moderate mission house established in the year 1999 to serve as a place of worship for the catechumens and double itself as accommodation for the parish priest and other functionaries. This house was purchased from a Muslim family .This mission comprises of two sub- station, UKUWA and GHADI.


It is situated between Balaghat and Baihar Mission. It's about 30 km away from Baihar. People of this place are workers in the mines so in the beginning fathers used to come from Nagpur, Gondiya and Balaghat for the spiritual needs of the people. The present church 'St Ann's Catholic Church' was  build in the year 1996. But slowly catholic people were transferred from this place to Balaghat and Thirodi and now only five family remain.


This village mission is about 30kms away from the Baihar mission with Catholics and catechumens families. Early years fathers and sisters from Garatola and Kudela mission come for the spiritual and physical needs of the people. Presently one village chapel serves the needs of the people.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths". (Prov. 3 : 5 - 6 )

We people of Baihar mission remember and pray with love for our previous Fathers who through the Lord directed our path, specially Fr. Cyril Lobo,    Fr. Albert D'soza , Fr. Jokim Fernandez, Fr. Rudolf Toppo, Fr. Jose Chakalakal, and Liju Anthony and sisters of Good Shepherd and SMMI.

Balaghat Balaghat


Udgrahanalaya, Sadan Path, Sindhi Colony, Ward No. – 21, Balaghat – 481001, M.P. – 481001 - 07632-248351

Established 1983
Sub-Station Bharveli, Waraseoni, Tirodi
Patron Our Lady of Assumption
Feast 15th Aug.
Families 34
Parish Priest Fr. Dominic Bosco , 9753827056
Religious House (Women) 1) Good Shepherd Sisters
2) Deen Bandhu Sisters

Until 1976, priest from Gondia used to visit Balaghat to cater to the pastoral needs of the faithful and the Holy Mass was celebrated in the house of late Mr. Abraham. Fr. Lourdu Raj was appointed as Parish Priest of Balaghat in 1976 and he used to stay in the house of Dr. Pardi on rent.

From Balaghat, Fr. Lourdu Raj used to visit the substations like Bahrweli, Waraseoni, Rampayli and Tirodi, and administer the Sacraments. A piece of land was bought in 1980 for the purpose of building a Church; but it was Fr. Stephen Moniz who completed the construction of the Church as it stands now in 1983. It is named as 'Our Lady of the Assumption Church'.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd came to Balaghat in 1990 to serve the people of God through social work; and in 2004, Sisters of Deen Bandu Samaj opened their house in Balaghat to teach in St. Mary's School which is run and administered by Nagpur Archdiocese.

Many priests have served in this parish namely, Fr. Lourdu Raj, Fr.Stephen Moniz, Fr. Aaron Reddy, Fr. John, Fr. Sameer Baptist, Fr. Susai OMI, Fr. P.M. Thomas, Fr. Rudolf Toppo, Fr. Jose Chakkallakal, Fr. Jose Panakkal, Fr. Liju Anthony, Fr. Samuel Prashant, Br. James and Br. AlokTete.

Barkuhi Barkuhi


Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Barkhui Hospital P.O. – Chandameta Dist. – Chhindwara, M.P. – 480447 - 07161-263613

Parish Priest: Fr. Shepherd ,9424724961

Betul Betul


St. Theresa Church, Post Box No. 15 Betul – 460002 M.P. - 07141-238041

Established 1971
Patron St. Theresa
Families 30
Feast 1st Oct
Parish Priest Parish Priest: Fr. Brycie Coutinho , 9300507043
Religious House (Women) Little Flower Sisters

Betul is situated on the Satpuda plateau,  elevation of 2173 feet above sea level.  It is 55 miles south of Itarsi, on the main railway line towards Delhi and about 170 K.M. from Nagpur.  Betul is a district head quarters.  It is a pre-dominant tribal district.  It has ten blocks and 40% of this district is hilly and forested.

On 17th of April 1920 the property of  10 acres of land measuring 457260 sq., feet along with a bungalow  measuring 85 X 63 in Nazul land, was signed and given by one Fitha Gussain son of Abdul Boda to Mrs. Mary Theresa Mclntyre wife of John Turnbull Mclntyre, an civil Engineer, of the Great Indian Peninsula railway service. Those days there were very few catholic families at Betul. All pastoral and spiritual needs of the Catholics were taken care of by the priest stationed at Amla. In those days Amla was a huge railway colony, pre-dominated with Anglo-Indians, and railway workers.

On 9th October 1940 Mrs. Mary Teresa  Pauline  McIntyre transferred the Betul property along with the bungalow to the Nagpur Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation.  Its director general was then, Rev. Monsigneur Louis Gayet D.D. Bishop of Nagpur residing at Kamptee (M.S.) Till the early 1970's Betul was an   out station of Amla.  With the help of caretakers, and servants they looked after this property.  This huge bungalow was  used as picnic spot or as a summer villa for seminarians.  About the year 1971 Fr. Mathew Elengical was the first priest in charge at Betul. He also made a small church.  Being a young priest with lot of enthusiasm he began a lot of social work in and around Betul villages with the help of food for work programmes from Caritas India.               

After the death of Archbishop Leonard Raymond, without proper approval from the Diocesan authorities the bungalow was occupied by his blood relations, and intimates ones and their associates, who formed an association.  It was Archbishop Most. Rev. Leobard D'Souza and his councilors who questioned the credentials of inmates and their association, and their accountability.  The inmates refused to pledge obedience to the Archbishop of Nagpur. They even went to the extent to say that the bungalow was sub leased to them by the priest in charge.

The Archbishop did try various methods of negotiations.  He even tried to reform this association with the help of Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery.  But when all failed he had to take the course of legal action following due procedures in civil Law, till it was settled in the Supreme Court by Special Leave Petition No.11975 in the year 1984 and a due compensation paid to the inmates. 


Fr. Dominic Fargose: After setting the legal issues he was appointed as priest in charge. Meanwhile the Archbishop negotiated with the Don Bosco fathers (SDB) Bombay Province to put some life, and give a face-lift to this mission station.  The SDB fathers did a wonderful job as per their charism. The Don Bosco fathers in their tenure of about 14 years brought about big changes in Betul. They put up an ITI, for school dropouts, a big hall, and a residential quarters and a huge play ground, and protected the property with a compound wall.  They did serve the diocese to the best of their ability.  But, things were getting out of their hand, due to the problem of shelter home for street children, and other financial matters. They then surrendered themselves to the local ordinary, and handed over the full property with all its structures to the diocese, without asking for any compensation.

Fr. Francis Leonard was appointed as parish priest.  A pious man by nature.  He looked after the pastoral needs of the parish to the best of his ability. Fr. Brycie Coutinho was appointed as parish priest in 2010.  He was given specific task to settle the land problem with the Nazul Department, to settle the local administration issues, and to start a new CBSE school at Betul. The Archbishop gave full assistance to start the school.  He spoke to the various religious Congregations for help to start the school.  In the month of October 2011 Bro. Alok was assigned to Betul Mission a man with green fingers.  He developed the land with a lot of greenery and made it productive.

On July 4th 2011 St. Theresa's School was started with 36 children on roll.  On July 16th 2011 two sisters of the Missionary Congregation of the Daughters of St. Thomas from Ujjain arrived to take over the administration of the school. The parishioners of Betul consist of about 30 families, who are very much supportive to the church.  They have begun to see things in the New Hope and New Light.  

'There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.'

Bhandara Bhandara


St. Peter’s Church, Sant Shilanand Bhawan, Jail Road, Bhandara – 441904 M.S.

Established 1996
Sub-Station Jawahar Nagar
Patron St. Prter
Feast 29th June
Families 50
Parish Priest Fr. Louis Bhosle
Asst. Priest Fr. Jovin Jose
Religious House (Women) Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy

Earlier the people of Bhandera Parish, had to go to different places for Holy Mass, sometimes they used to go to Jawahar Nagar. Sometimes in Sister Josephs' quarter or in Sister Nicole's house. In 1981-82 the Parish Priest Fr. Brycie  of Jawahar Nagar parish used to come for the celebration of the Holy Mass.

In 1994 it was decided to purchase a land for the construction of the church. Fr. Bhosle was staying in Jawahar Nagar. In 1995 Fr. J.Thomas started the construction of the church. And thus a parish was established in the name of St. Peter. In 1996 Fr. P M Thomas became the parish priest. After 6 years, Fr. Francis Leonard then followed by  Fr. A. Thomas. Then Fr. Daniel for the next 3 year, followed by Fr. Michael,  Fr. Varghese and Fr. Prasad OSS were parish priests.

Psalm 28:7 - The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.

Thanks be to God that the Lord has given us a beautiful church, where mass is celebrated daily. On Sunday, catechism class for the children; we have S.C.C. prayers among the families along with parish priest. Every feast is now celebrated with enthusiasm and love. There are about 30 families and they take part in prayers and celebration of the Holy Mass. We wish that our Parish may grow and come forward to do every task faithfully and joyfully.

Bhendala Bhendala


Nirmala Niketan Bhendala, P.O. – Tharsa, Via – Ramtek, Tha. – Mauda, Dt. – Nagpur, M.S. – 441407 - 07115-238684

Established 1978
Sub-Station Mauda, Tarsa, Pashuvardhan Camp.
Patron Mary Immaculate Conception
Feast 8th Dec.
Families 25
Parish Priest FrFr. John Vianney Aloysius , 9823289938
Religious House (Women) 1) John the Baptist Sisters
2) Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy

Fr. Varkey did a lot of pioneering work in Bhendala from Jawaharnagar. As he discovered a few Catholic families (Telegus-all farmers), he decided to cater to their spiritual needs. It was in the year 1973 a few hindus received faith. Simultaneously the work of evangelization was going on in the neighbouring villages also. The people built a small mud hut (Nirmalakutir) and the mass was being celebrated there. Later in 1980 Nirmalakutir became Nirmala Niketan, a multipurpose hall-cum-church and residential quarters for sisters (St.John the Baptist)was blessed and inaugurated by Archbishop Leobard D'Souza. In 2007 Nirmala Niketan church was renovated and blessed by Archbishop Abraham. Our parish is focusing on social, health and spiritual apostolate of the people. In 2008 a girls, hostel was opened for the poor children in the church.

Our Parish Priests:

1.   Fr. Varkey Pulikekara 1976-1782

2.   Fr. Brycie Coutinho 1983-1992

3.   Fr. Francis Leonard 1992- 1999

4.   Fr.Kurian V.O  1999-2000

5.   Fr.Kennet D'Souza (O.F.M) 2000-2007

6.   Fr. John Vianney 2007-

Cathedral Cathedral


Francis De Sales Cathedral, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur – 440001 M.S. Ph: 0712-25533765

Established 1886
Patron St. Francis De Sales
Feast 24th Jan.
Families 1030
Parish Priest Fr. Jerome Pinto , 09822739860,
Asst. Priest Fr. Lijo Mampoothara Fr. Julius – 8983029512, Fr. Samir Baptist - 8805801267
Religious House (Men) 1) Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales
2) Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier (Pilar)
3) Brothers of St. Joseph the Worker
Religious House (Women) 1) Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery
2) Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate
3) St. John the Baptist Sisters
4) Sisters of Missionaries of Charity
5) Sacred Heart Congregation (Patna)
6) Sisters of Sacred Heart (Ujjain)
7) Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC)
8) Daughters of St. Paul (DSP)
9) Sisters of the Cross Chavanod
10) Sisters of Charity
11) Assisi Sisters of Mary Immaculate

The S.F.S. Cathedral Parish, Nagpur, is one of the oldest parishes in Nagpur Archdiocese, even older than the diocese itself and was started way back in the 1860"s when the Nagpur Church was a part of S.F.S. High School. The congregation in those days consisted of about 30 Britishers and Anglo Indians and about 100 Goans and Tamilians. The French Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) administered this parish right upto 1951 and undertook almost all the development work that we see today.

This parish has grown, within a period of over a century, and a half into a parish of 1200 Catholic families with over 5000 parishioners, and though many parts of the parish have been hived off into other newly formed parishes, it still remains one of the largest parishes in Nagpur Archdiocese and Central India. Home to the Institutional Homes of all the religious congregations in Nagpur, this parish has produced many persons whom are luminaries in their fields of work, from the Armed forces to the Fugal fraternity from Finance to Banking to Education. Journalism to Politics and almost every known profession, our parishioners have done their city and country proud. Almost all the major Catholic educational institutions are situated within the boundaries of this parish and most of the teachers that staff these institutions are drawn from the parishioners themselves.


SFS Cathedral Parish is headed by   Rev. Fr. Jerome Pinto (the Vicar General of the Diocese), who with his three assistant priests, Fr. Lijo Mampoothara, Fr. Samir Baptist and Fr. Julius Daniel tends to the spiritual and physical needs of this widespread flock. However, this parish has come a long way, with much of the organizational work being done by the parishioners, through the multi-layered structure of the parish pastoral council, small  christian communities, area collectors  and the Youth.

— The Liturgy Committee and Lay Ministers [Cantors, Lectors, and Ushers look after matters relating to liturgy and organizing all the large religious feasts in the S.F.S. Cathedral, which is the main Church of this Diocese.

— The Sunday School Teachers training the catholic students from classes 1 to 10 in the catholic faith and preparing them for the Sacraments of Holy Communion, Penance and Confirmation.

Chindwara Chindwara


St. Francis Xavier Church Near Police Lines, Chhindwara - 480001. M. P. - 0716-2242693

Sub-Station Saunser
Patron St. Francis Xavier
Feast 3rd Dec.
Families 125
Parish Priest Fr. Francis Leonard , 9425193113
Religious House (Women) Salesian Sisters of Mary Immaculate (Raipur Province)

There were some English speaking catholics who lived in the Chhindwara region during the reign of the British Empire. In 1863 the deputy collector of Chhindwara region gave more than 20 acres of Nazul land to Fr. Theveneth. There was no resident priest but served from Kamptee Church. Sometimes later, a small Chapel was built. The present dining room was the chapel and the first room facing the road was for the Priest to stay. There was no permanent Priest in chhindwara till the arrival of the SMMI sisters who were brought to the mission by the MSFS Fathers. Once the sisters settled down in chhindwara a chaplain was appointed for their spiritual needs. In the beginning all the priests & sisters were French speaking and a few Indian sisters joined them who were called Baginees. During the Second World War, Fr. Vincent Luccaz was posted as the parish priest and a chaplain to the Catholic soldiers who were brought to train in mountaineering warfare.

In 1944, with the help of the soldiers, Fr. Vincent Luccaz put up a small Church which is still standing. After the Second World War, many people left the place except a few catholics and railway employees who remained and settled down in the area. In 1958 Fr. Edwin Alvares began a small school in the cowshed. The humble initiative of imparting knowledge to the little ones was carried on by the successors such as Fr. Arnold, Fr. Earnest Oliver, Fr. Reddy, etc. Fr. Reddy began the middle school in 1977. After Fr. Reddy, Fr. Francis Fernandes, Fr. Jerome Pinto and Fr. Tony D'Mello  served the parish. As the number of faithful increased the space of the Church was not sufficient. The old Church was used till 1996. The present Church was built by Fr. Tony D'Mello during the time of the Archbishop Leobard D'Souza. It was Fr. Tony who raised the middle school to high school. After Fr. Tony, Fr. Brycie Coutinho took over as the Parish Priest and Manager of the school and Fr. Brycie raised the school to the Higher Secondary School. Since proper education was provided and due to the good climate, many Catholic families remained in Chhindwara.

Garratola Garratola


Catholic Mission P. O Garratola – 481051, Tal. –Birsa, Dist. -Balaghat. M. P. - 07637-226105

Established 1970
Sub-Station Devgaon, Pandriipathra, Salghat, Chainatola, Nangbahra, Malajkhand, Bhima, Lalpuria, Bhorruk
Patron Sacred Heart
Feast 29th June
Parish Priest Fr. Sebasstian D’Costa , 9575139749
Asst. Priest Fr. Simon Fernandes
Religious House (Men) Montfort Brothers
Religious House (Women) Good Shepherd Sisters

The missionaries had come on a bullock cart from Vishakhapatanam to proclaim salvation. Likewise Fr. Cyril Lobo was the pioneer of Garratola Mission Station. Fr. Cyril Lobo began his journey and had no shelter but stayed under the tree. He further landed in Kurela Mission station where the Dutch Fathers used to live. For three years, he studied from the Dutch Fathers, the missionary tactic of medicine and got a diploma in Homoepathic and Ayurvedic.

In 1968, he built first the presbytery and chapel. People started calling him Bunglevala Doctor Sahib. He began his work with Gonds through medicines. With the help of Katra Hospital, he opened a clinic as sub-station of Katra Hospital. Even CHAI approved of it. People from Gondia, Chindwara, Raipur and Jabalpur and even Nagpur used to come for medicines.


A journey together to build the kingdom of God experiencing the Father's love brought by Jesus Christ imbued with the Holy Spirit witnessing to all in the neighbourhood through Small Christian Community.


To build up Eucharist centered Christian communities and human communities based on Gospel values where all members fulfill their responsibilities in a participatory manner.

1st Parish Priest Fr. Cyril Lobo :

Initially, a layman Vincent by name was his companion. Soon he discovered some Catholics at Baihar and frequently said Mass for them.  Mode of transport was not frequent. Police and the people initially troubled him but later on became his friends. After layman Vincent left, an oraon Mr. Francis Xalxo was chosen by Father to be a companion and later on made him the first Catechist. He in turn brought few more oraons. They bought land from Gonds and began to settle. The oraons were swift in agricultural procedure. Today Oraon Family has touched the height of 125 families.

In 1979, Fr. Cyril was transferred to Seoni  and Fr. Edwin Alvares took charge. Archbishop Most Rev. Leobard D'souza focus of attention was more on Mission stations. He encouraged on grass-root approach and therefore regular visits to the mission continued. Lumko series was implemented and thus Basic Christian Community living was encouraged.

1st March 1989 St. Joseph's Church, Malanjkand was built with Fr. Albert D'souza as the Parish Priest. During Fr. Albert's time with the help of the parishioners, mud house community hall was built for Mass and other activities. He emphasized on prayer and visited houses even walking several distances. People asked for health centre and school.

2000 Jubilee year on 30th June, New Church was built with Fr. Joaquim Fernandes as the Parish Priest. He built small synagogue houses for prayer in Devgaon, Pandipatra, Chinatola, Lalpur, Salgat, Nangbara. He introduced in getting and making use of Gobar Gas plant.

Fr. Sebastian D'costa Fernandes took over as Parish Priest in first week of May 2010. With the help of the assistance regular masses and visits were made at Devgaon, Pandipatra, Chinatola, Lalpur, Salgat, Nangbara, Boorook, Nikum, Bhima. Catering to the Seven Sacraments and prayers especially Adoration were highlighted, got families united and worked towards team spirit.      Fr. Sebastian celebrated Silver Jubilee as priest on 2nd April 2012, a booklet titled “LET YOUR CROSS BE MY CROSS, LET MY CROSS BE YOURS” written by him was released by Most Rev. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara, Archbishop of Nagpur.

Sisters of Good Shepherd: Their role in the mission began in 1981 and continues till today.

Activities Implemented:

1.  Visiting the Catholics, Baigas and Gond families

2.  In 1995 a NGO-Jan Shakti Sanchalan was formed – For the people to realize their inner strength and potentials for their development.

3. In 1998 with the recommendation of Rev. Fr. Glen Mascarenhas they got the project from Holistic Child Development  India – Pune for Long term Project- 8 years. 

    Within 8 years sisters were able to achieve lots of developmental for the tribal people. Early childhood care, education, health and nutritious; community

    organisation- promotion and formation of Women's Self Help groups, farmers groups, youth groups, and children's parliament and Grihini center for the school drop

    - out girls and boys- ITI for the boys in various trades and income generating Programme, watershed development .

Successful Story:-

Through the Health Intervention every year around 3000 sick people receive the treatment. Through Child Focused Community Development programme the sisters with the help of local staff are able to enroll 2500 school dropout children in the Government primary school.

Montfort Brothers: Their role in the mission began in 1998 and continues till today.

Boys Home :-

To facilitate the economically backward students and poor tribal children (without any exception). Some of these children lived in remote villages. A hostel was started in the year 2001, with 11 students. This year there are over 100 students in the hostel where a good many of them are benefitting maximum concession. The school is utilized as study center for the inmates of the hostel and other needy students, as they do not have electricity at home.

Success story :

Glad to mention that within 15 years of service at Garratola, the brothers could send hundreds of children for Medicine, Nursing, Poly Technique, Pharmaceutical, Industrial training programs consists of ( motor mechanic, plumber, carpentry, welding, machinist, electrician, engineering, Air Force etc). As a result they are able to stand on their feet. Out of which more than 75 % of the students started earning and others are yet to complete their courses.

Heb: 6:10 - “God will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for Him in the help you gave and are still giving.

Ghoradongri Ghoradongri


Our Lady Of Vailankanni, Community Centre, Near Rly Station, Goradongri – 460443, Dist. -Betul.- 07146-248343

Established 1992
Sub-Station Pathekhera, Saenti, Bhaura
Patron Our Lady Velankanni
Feast 8th Sept.
Families 38
Parish Priest Fr. Abraham Johny VC , 9407294041
Religious House (Men) Vincentian Fathers
Religious House (Women) 1) Little Flower Sisters
2) FCC Sisters
3) Adoration Sisters

Some Catholics came here in 1961 due to coal mines at Pathekhera and MPEB Thermal Power station at Sarni. They could not meet their spiritual needs. They used to go to Itarsi to participate in the Easter and Christmas celebrations.

About 200 Christians of all denominations gathered at H.C.C colony, Sarni and Rev Fr. Rodricks offered Holy Mass for the first time in this parish area in 1963.

Later the faithful were told by the parish priest at Itarsi that they come under Amla parish. So they contacted the parish priest at Amla who then visited from Amla and offered Mass on Christmas Eve at Pathekhera in 1967. Once a month the priest from Amla used to come and offer Holy Eucharist in different house.

In 1971 Betul Parish was established and Ghoradongri was placed under it. In 1972 a convent and a school were established at Pathekhera by the Congregation of Sisters of the Little Flower of the Child Jesus. With the efforts of the Christians of Sarni one union Church for Catholics, Orthodox and Marthoma Christians was constructed at Sarni. It was named St. Thomas Church and was inaugurated on 8th October 1984.

In 1992 Ghoradongri was raised to a parish. A Church in honor of our lady of Velankanni and a residence for priest was constructed at Ghoradongri. Rev. Fr. Dominic Fargose was the one who constructed it and he was the first parish priest of this parish. On 22nd 1999 this mission was entrusted to the Vincentian Fathers (VC) of St Thomas Province, Rewa.

Gondia Gondia


St. Joseph's Church, Rail Toli, Gondia - 441618 - 07182252348

Established 1923
Patron St. Joseph
Feast 19th Mar.
Families 70
Parish Priest Fr. John Monteiro , 8806119454
Asst. Priest Fr. Binoy Kurisingal , 9921859089
Religious House (Women) Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate

The MSFS Missionaries began singing and working out God's marvelous works in the 1880's. Fr. Phillip wrote on 27th October 1885. “The Father of the SFS School was watching from their verandah----The bullocks were moving slowly, followed by the she-goats and the dog, with Father Joseph Buttay walking behind. I could not hold back my tears"-(Extract page 128, Fr. Moget's VAGABONDS FOR GOD).   Fr. Buttay was on his last journey visiting the Christian flock scattered at Gondia, Bhandara, Balaghat, Dongargarhand, Raipur.  Fr. Buttay arrived with his menagerie in time to celebrate Christmas at Raipur in 1885. Four veterans took part in these itinerant journeys.

In 1912, Fr. Raymond procured a small field and built a ONE ROOM Chapel in the field, close to the rail lines. Later on, he expanded that into a 36 X 18 feet Chapel.  Bishop Coppel blessed that chapel on 23 August 1923 and named it St. Joseph's Church. Thus was born St. Joseph's Church, Rail Toli, Gondia.


2 Chronicles 15:7 "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

In 1927, Fr. Anthony Wengert took over the visitation from the Kamptee Centre. He built a two-room presbytery with a verandah. He also expanded the church with a Sacristy and a Bell Tower, (which still dominates over the church at Gondia).  Finally Fr. Wengert made the presbytery his permanent residence in 1934 and Gondia became a full-fledged Parish.

Fr. Michael Ferrao (1973) He obtained permission to open English Primary Section. In 1974 the Mumbai Public Trust Act became operative. As a consequence the church and educational works were made into separate Society\Trusts. Thus were formed St. Joseph's Parish Society for all religious\social works and Nirmal Education Society for the educational works. Each had their own Manager and Secretary. Fr. Michael Ferrao was transferred in 1979.

Fr. Felix Moras (1983-1992), renovated the old presbytery and turned it into a 3 Double Room complex, with a Multipurpose Community Hall attached. He was funded by the Church-in-Need and Missio Agency. He also re-floored the church flooring with glazed tiles. During this period, Fr. John Pullankunnel was his Assistant.

Fr. Paschal Fragose (1999 to 2004) He galvanized the cooperation of his flock to regain the cemetery land, put up the cemetery wall and structure.  Then he under took the regaining of the land, encroached by hutmen dweller alongside the Church premises. He succeeded in his endeavor and built up a 2 storied structure, which now houses the Hindi Medium Primary School. He also encouraged the Prayer Group to choose a Pastoral Council in 1995. Before he could complete the School structure he was transferred.

Fr. Sebastian D'Costa (2004- 2008). He worked as Parish Priest, Manager, Principal and Secretary of St. Joseph's Parish and Nirmal School. He reorganized the parish into 8 Locality Groups for prayer and action. In this period of time Fr. Sebastian put up the renovated church of St. Joseph.  The foundation stone was laid in June 2006 and the church was consecrated on 24 June 2007 by Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara. He was financed by CHURCH-IN-NEED and Missio, Germany, together with other generous donors, friends, relatives and local parishioners.

Jaitala Jaitala


Our Lady Of Fatima Church, Jaitala, Nagpur - 440016 - 0712-2235177

Established 1936
Patron Our Lady of Fatima
Feast 13th Oct.
Families 99
Parish Priest Fr. Dominic Lisboa , 9657724277
Asst. Priest Fr. James Nigrel , 9850235528
Religious House (Men) SDB Fathers
Religious House (Women) Fatima Sisters

The Jaitala mission is situated 12 km. from Nagpur city. On the north side we have the Ambazeri Lake, on the south side C.R.P.F. Camp. On the east side Dr. Babasaheb International Airport and on the west side M.I.D.C. Jaitala is surrounded by more than 600 families living in basties. Earlier these people lived as Hindus, but now most of them have embraced Buddhism, in the footsteps of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar when he converted thousands to Buddhism. In fact some of the Christians also embraced Buddhism, so that they too become eligible to receive Government benefits.

The beginning of Jaitala mission 1936: At that time there was no priest available with the knowledge of Marathi to begin the mission. However, in 1936 Bishop Louis Gayet began this mission. Initially,it began tailoring and embroidery classes for women. with the help of Sr. Odette, a Mary Immaculate nun. Along with the social work, they also began religious instruction. Slowly the numbers began to grow. Bishop Louis Gayet showed personal interest in this mission. In 1947 Fr. Francis Mojet a Fransalian Priest was appointed to look after the mission. Being a missionary Fr. Mojet studied the local habits and soon won confidence of the people. In 1948 with the help of Dasrath Meshram and Somaji Nitnaware, they managed to purchase a plot of land on top the hill. He put up a small house. In the year 1947 India received its Independence.

In 1949 the first Indian priest Fr. Bansode was appointed to this mission. At this time the Fatima church was ready. And since the priest was Marathi speaking. The local people had a greater sense of belonging to the Church. In 1952 Fr. F.X. Gaikwad extended the Primary school to secondary (Std VIII) and got necessary permissions from the Government. In 1960 Fr. Paul Gaigole was appointed at Jaitala. During his time this mission was raised to the status of a parish.

In 1972 Fr. Patrick Lemos, a diocesan priest was appointed at Jaitala. During his reign of 14 years, he changed the face of Jaitala. He extended the school to Std X. He managed to have a decent building for the school. In 1977 the Fatima Sisters were invited to work in Jaitala parish. In 1985      Fr. Pascal was appointed in Jaitala. In his simple and loving manner he managed to bring the faithful together.

In 1989 the Salesians of Don Bosco were entrusted the mission of Jaitala. The Salesians, with the charism of Don Bosco captured the hearts of the people. Through family visits and personal contact, the families were united. Fr. Francis was instrumental in putting up a new school building and a residence for the confreres.


The Parish comprises of 70 families, spread out in a big area. In fact Our Lady of Fatima Church-Jaitala run by the Salesians is the only Marathi speaking parish, in the whole Nagpur Archdiocese. Jaitala Parish is a bed of folks with various languages, viz: Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and a speaking (which indeed is on the increase) of English too.

There is a Marathi medium, government aided school from the K.G. class, right unto Class X helping all the children of the locality to be educated. The strength of the school is 670 boys and girls. The SSC result of 2009-10 were 100%. The craze is for English education and rightly so, as every job available in Nagpur city goes to those speaking English. This year St. Joseph Vidyalaya has begun lower English medium for Std. VIII, IX and X.

In the premises of the parish, class rooms are used for the facility of the evening study classes, assisted by a Salesian. Many youth make good use of this facility and around the times of their exams .

In the parish, the animation and facilitation is done by the Parish Pastoral Council members, who are SSC leaders elected for a term of 3 years from among the people. The Parish has five zones and every week the zones are animated with the help of the SSC leaders by the weekly zone prayer meeting held from Monday to Friday evenings in every zone in the week.

Sacramental life is not very much on the rise as many could not have had proper and right religious education in their early years. The challenge the salesians face is just this: faith formation of the people of Jaitala.


Many are called but the Lord chooses just a few. So thus it has so far been with youth of Jiatala. A few (four to be precise) did choose to follow Christ`s call in the footsteps of Don Bosco but finding themselves not being strong in his Mission, those few have turned back and returned away from the vineyard of the Lord. May be the challenge is thrown to the Salesian. “Feed my people”. “Build them up”. “Give them the faith formation they require”. will the zealous salesians from among the readers opt to come to fulfill this mission? Yes basic Christian formation is to be imparted, along with academics, value-education and all round formation. Will you opt for this Mission and accept this challenge? Please do be generous: pray that the salesians presently in the mission field of Jaitala save their souls by working for Christ and making Him known.

Jaripatka Jaripatka


St. Martin De Porres Church, Jeripatka,, Nagpur - 440014 - 0712-2643103

Established 1990
Patron St. Martin De Porres
Feast 3rd Nov.
Families 750
Parish Priest Fr. Joe Quadros , 9822737465
Asst. Priest Fr. Vincent Pinto , 09371430290 Fr.Tony D’Mello , 9922092814
Religious House (Men) Order of Preachers (OP)
Religious House (Women) 1) St. John Baptist Sisters
2) SMMI Sisters
3) Good Shepherd Sisters
4) Sisters of the Cross
5) PSDP Sisters
6) SJC Sisters
7) Prabhu Dasi Sisters

Thus Parish is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Nagpur, about 3.5 Kms from the SFS Cathedral towards the North, Kamptee. There are about 725 families with an average of 4 to 5members per family. This now full-fledged Parish has a long and chequered history.  Originally the Diocese of Nagpur (from a person who was obliged to the Early Missionaries) acquired about 30 acres of land as gift. As time went on, the whole 30 acres was turned into a farm, agricultural and livestock run by the Diocese to benefit all institutions in the city especially St. Charles Seminary. But running a farm has not always been our cup of tea or cup of milk. So the project fell through and the farm ceased to be. However the land could not be left vacant.

In the years1976 to 1980, the newly constituted BROTHERS OF ST JOSEPH of the Diocese were to have their novitiate here under the guidance of Fr. Bonnie Mendes, who at the same time was also in charge of the Pushpa Press. Subsequent to this Fr. Dominic Fragose was appointed in charge with the same dual responsibility. As time went on however, the Brothers were shifted elsewhere and moved out and Fr. Dominic took up pastoral work in this area and served all the members of the Church in the surrounding area from 1980 to 1986. One of the sheds began to be used as a convenient chapel for daily and Sunday Masses. Fr. Michael Fernandez who took up Parish work seriously and contacted all the families in the surrounding area within no time the number of members attached to this Church grew immensely. This began to be considered as a quasi parish and so a small parish House with residence for a priest and assistant came to be built.

Government officers and the powers always kept a Nelsons eye on this huge piece of land. Why should the Church enjoy such a big chunk of land within the city; it should be taken away from them! With these and similar misgivings, the N.I.T., short for Nagpur Improvement Trust, used the improvement tool in order to achieve the sinister aims of the powers that be: Their first step was to declared this area as the YELLOW BELT for development. Accordingly and logically the second step followed. The making of the Development Plan of the so called Indora Housing Accommodation Scheme" under which was inserted the 30 acres of land that belonged to the church. In pursuance of this government made declarations and ACQUISITION proceedings were instituted against the Church for their Utopian dream This acquisition was opposed tooth and nail by the Church up to the High Court from where a STAY ORDER to the proceedings was obtained.

Meanwhile in March 1991 the new Parish: "St. Martin de Porres Parish " was officially constituted by the then Archbishop Leobard D'Souza, and Fr. Glen Mascarenhas was officially appointed Parish Priest and in charge of the Land. The years that followed from 1991 up to June 2004 were eventful, historical and memorable. Fr. Glen was a farsighted priest with a vision for the benefit of the poor and underprivileged that had neither money nor home nor land to call their own. So people from near and far came, they now form the parishioners of St. Martin de Porres Church, and their homes and plots have been so to speak regularized' through demand notes issued by the NIT which have been honored by the occupants. The residents inspite of their poverty have tried to comply with this bizarre injustice, thanks be to God.

With Fr. Glen as Parish Priest for nearly 14 years, St Martin Nagar was served by several priests as assistants from time to time. To help in the pastoral of the parish he arranged for sisters of various religious congregations to come and take up a place and work for the people through their charism and the vision, mission of the Archdiocese.

First the SMMI sisters came, then the Good Shepherds Sisters, the John the Baptist (pioneers of Vinayalaya School) came. They were followed by the Holy Cross and PSDP. PSA Sisters from Ajmer came in September 2009.

On 8th September 2009, His grace joyfully announced that The Mantralaya (Mumbai) and NIT Nagpur have sanctioned 7.25 acres for (School, for Hospital and Community Centre). There was untold joy all around. Plans are now in the making for the construction of a new church, The Statue of St. Martin de Porres which was "languishing in the compound of the Archbishop's House since 1962, was brought to this parish on November 14, 2009 to celebrate the parish feast and a fancy fete in aid of education. A large congregation has attended the Eucharist celebrated by His Grace, with about a dozen of priests from neighboring parishes.

Rev. Fr. Joe Quadros, the present Parish Priest took charge in June 2004. A new Parish Council was set up on the lines drawn up in the yellow booklet by Archbishop Abraham in 2008. Along with the SCCs and the Parish Council, which were in existence from2005, the Parish Council has moved forward in many directions, thanks to the United effort of Parish Pastoral Council Team, the six Congregations of religious women, and an invigorated group of laity who live out their commitment to "Be Church".

Almost all the children at the Parish are now in school either in Vinayalaya or schools around the area and in the main land Nagpur Catholic Schools. Almost all the youth are in junior College, or in Professional Courses,  D. Ed., B. Ed., Nursing, Computer, and so on. Hardly anyone is at home doing nothing as  before. Coming to the Parish Priest to beg for alms and financial aid is almost nil. About 35,000 to 45,000 worth of copybooks is given at much reduced rate to the school children since the last 5 years. Annual exam is conducted in Religious knowledge in mid March and Prizes are given to those ranking top 3. Prizes are also awarded every year to students of SCC and Higher Secondary in top III. Scholarships amounting to @ Rs. 60,000/-are collected from NMSSS every year for those doing professional courses after Class XII. NMSSS has also given aid to more than 30 families who are enrolled in the Scheme to "Help a Family" on annual basis, last 2 years.

A funeral fund was established 4 years ago Voluntary contribution of monthly Rs. 15/- is taken from each family. On the death of any member of the family a sum of Rs. 2000/- has been paid. So far 70 families have bene fited from this scheme.

A new Church is needed which will accommodate @700 people at each Mass. For this purpose a building fund is now in process. People are giving generously, but alas, there is no sign of sanction of our Land for mutation by the N.l.T. who acquired this land without due process several years ago. Their action has been negatived at the Mantralaya level 3 years ago. But the wheels of bureaucracy and red tape move only when greased. Let us all pray something happens soon, or else all our hopes and efforts will be in vain.

May St. Martin bless us all with his prayers.

Jawaharnagar Jawaharnagar


St. Thomas Church, Sawri, Bhandare O.F., Bhandara – 441906

Established 1971
Patron St. Thomas
Feast 3rd July
Families 18
Parish Priest Fr. Gonsalo Rodrigues , 9970555469

Due to Ordinance factory in the year 1961, realizing the needs of the Catholic community, the Archbishop of Nagpur the Most Rev. Eugene D'Souza, arranged to send a priest once a month from Nagpur. Later on the Parish Priest of Gondia directed to attend to the spiritual needs of Catholic Community.  That is on every Sunday and every major feast.

As the projects of ordinance factory progressed, the member of Catholic steadily increased. Then Parish Priest of Gondia, Fr. Epiphanus Rodrigues in 1963, purchased a plot of land in the village Kondi, with the intention of constructing a place of worship for Catholic.  In the year 1966, Fr.Michael Ferrao, a newly ordained priest was appointed as a Parish Priest of Bhandara and Jawaharnagar. Due to his tireless efforts and the cooperation of the people, he purchased a plot of land in Sawri, village where today stands St.Thomas Church. (Saint Yugal Kumar Bhawan)

In June 1970 Fr.Varkey Pullikekara a dynamic personality took over as parish priest. He had great zeal for mission activity. It was due to his tireless efforts and supervision that St. Thomas Church (Saint Yugal Kumar Bhawan) was build and inaugurated on 31st Oct 1971 with the blessing by the Most Rev. Raymand Leonard.

In 1973 Fr. Varkey set foot in Bhendala. Fr. Brycie Coutionho helped Fr. Varkey in administration of Bhandara, Jawaharnagar and the new mission of Nirmala Niketan at Bhendala. It was on the 30th Oct 1982 that a sudden pale of gloom descended on a mission .News reached Jawaharnagar that Fr. Varkey had met with a tragic accident .His memory still lives in the minds and hearts of all those with and for whom he worked especially the poor. Immediately in 1982 monsignor Sylvester Monteiro was appointed as a priest in charge, besides being the vicar general of the Diocese, to help Fr. Brycie who was mostly in Bhendala. With the return of Fr.Antunes Nazareth to the diocese, he was immediately appointed as a new Parish Priest in 1984.He purchased a plot of land for the Bhandara Church. 

On the 15th July 1988, Jawaharnagar welcomed its new pastor Fr.Joseph Quadras,  who came from Kamptee.  Both Fr. Joseph Quadros and Fr. Louis Bhosle worked together in vineyard of Lord and they were very much loved by the people. In 1989 Fr. Louis Bhosle was replaced by Fr. James Thomas. He took personal interest in the parish activities. He looked after Bhandara, outstations of Sakoli, Sunflag and Madgi. The effort of Fr. Alfie and Fr. James saw the new Church and priest residence at Bhandara completed and blessed by Rt. Rev. Bishop Sylvester Monteiro. From the year 2001 to 2003 Fr. Thomas took care of St. Thomas Church.

In June 2007 a new ordained priest Fr. Praful Dungdung was appointed as a priest in charge to St. Thomas Church. . It was on the 3rd July 2010 Fr. Praful Dung Dung passed away. The care of St.Thomas Church was taken by Fr. John Vianney for a short period. In July 17th 2011 Fr. Gonsalo Rodrigues is appointed as a priest in charge to St. Thomas Church.

Kamptee Kamptee


Immaculate Conception Church, 27 The Mall Road, Cantonment, Kamptee , Nagpur- 441001, M.S. - 07109288326

Established 1846
Patron Immaculate Conception
Feast 8th Dec.
Families 90
Parish Priest Fr. Daniel Rodgers , 9423101477
Religious House (Men) St. Joseph the Worker
Religious House (Women) 1) St. Joseph of Chambery
2) Sisters of Our Lady of Garden

Kamptee as the cradle of the Church in Nagpur, began with being a military cantonment area, in 1821. Between 1830's - 1846, came the missionaries from Goa, Pune and Madras -Mylapore. In 1842 a chapel was built in the church compound. The French M.S.F.S. entry began with Fr. Lavorel and his companions in August 1846. The first Vicar Apostolic Rt.Rev.Theophilus Neyret, M.S.F.S. whose mortal remains lie beneath the main altar, had planned and supervised the construction of a magnificent and imposing gothic church, fully constructed with bricks and mortar. It was his singular privilege to bless and dedicate the church to Our Lady, under the title 'The Immaculate Conception' in February 1858. The Immaculate Conception Church served as a Cathedral, till St. Francis De Sales Cathedral, Nagpur, took over that enviable position in 1888. This Church is the ancestral parish not of the Archdiocese of Nagpur, but also, of the neighbouring dioceses of Amravati, Aurangabad, Chanda, Adilabad, Jabalpur, Khandwa and Raipur. Over the years, various Parish Priests had carried out repairs to the church from .time to time. However, severe deterioration of the church made it necessary to undertake  thorough and extensive repairs and renovation. Without sacrificing the originality, this work was carried out meticulously by the present Parish Priest, Fr. Felix Basil Moras. The repaired and renovated Church was blessed and inaugurated by the Most Rev. Dr. Abraham Viruthakulangara, on 1st May 1998. On the occasion of the centenary of the church, a beautiful grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima was built and a memorial was erected in front of the Church, by then Parish Priest, Fr. Norbert Braganza, M.S.F.S.

At Tillery, in Gorabazar, there was a chapel dedicated to St. Anthony, which has come down due to insufficient care. Also there were not enough funds available to reconstruct it. A memorial was erected, which was blessed by Auxiliary Bishop Rt. Rev. Sylvester Monteiro, on 11th June 1995. The untiring efforts of Fr. Sebastian D'Costa made it possible to put up this memorial.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, who arrived here in 1854, have made a praise worthy contribution to the civil and catholic life of the Parish, through their boardings, orphanages, creche and educational institutions. Historically, Kamptee Church and the Convent play an important role in the history of the Church in Central India.

Kanhan Kanhan


Vishwa Jyothi Bhavan , P. O. Kanhan Pipri – 441001, Dist. - Nagpur Ph: 07102236695

Established 1993
Sub-Station Prabhu Prakash
Feast Epiphany of the Lord
Families 38
Parish Priest Fr. Dominic Fragose , 9765251607

Kanhan Parish came into existence in August 1976 on the appointment of Fr. P.M. Thomas. He took up residence in a rented house which was blessed on 17th February 1977, which consisted of a Prayer Hall Cum Priest's residence. It was here that the people of both Kamptee Colliery and Kanhan fulfilled their Sunday obligation.

Meanwhile a plot of land was sanctioned by the Coal Mines Authorities and Fr. Thomas lost no time to inaugurate the "Prabhu Prakash" Community Centre on Wednesday 8th June1983.

This, the Catholic Community at Kamptee Collieries had a Church for themselves a distance of 5 K.M. from Kanhan.

The next Parish Priest Fr. Daniel worked hard to get the small plots at Kanhan and a church cum Residence was inaugurated on 1st Nov. 1993 with "VISHWA JYOTI" Community Centre name given to it. It was here the permanent residence of the Parish Priest took place.


Mankapur Mankapur


St. Pius X Mass Center, Old Vishwodaya, Mankapur, Nagpur 07122510872

Established 2005
Patron St. Pius X Church
Feast 21st Aug.
Families 230
Priest Incharge Fr. Fr. Thomas Thenatte SAC
Religious House (Men) SAC
Religious House (Women) 1) Good Shepherd Sisters
2) St. Peter Clever Sisters

This parish was carved out mainly from the territory of St. Martin De Pores Church,  Jaripatka and with another few families from Anantnagar Parish.  It was declared a parish in Decemebr 2004 and Fr. Daniel Rodgers, the first Parish Priest took charge of the parish on December 3, 2004.   As a newly erected parish it had hardly any facilities. Sunday masses were held in Vikas Bhavan hall of the CNI Church, paying the rental charges.  For the seasons of Lent, on Wednesdays and Fridays way of the cross and mass were conducted at the Don Bosco School nearby.  The construction of a shed was started in July 2005 and on August 21, 2005 this small chapel was blessed and inaugurated by His Grace Archbishop Abraham and the first feast of our patron saint Pius X  was celebrated.

The servants quarters built by St. Charles Seminary Education Society, which became the social work centre of the Diocese    (1994-2002) where SMMI sisters Lilly Francis, Daya Mathew and others did a lot of great social service to the poor and marginalized and which later became a house for the street children for more than a year run by Fr. Herald O.P. it was then turned into the parish house and office where Fr. Daniel began to stay.  This is still the parish house today.

In June 2007 Fr. Daniel was transferred and Fr. Mathew Elanjikal took charge as the parish priest. In 2008 Fr. Reji OSH was appointed as assistant parish priest.  Fr. Mathew realizing the urgent felt need of a parish church tried his best to procure some land in and around the parish area.  Unfortunately he met with an accident and had to go for long treatment.  At this time Fr. Reji  George was appointed priest in-charge for 2009 with the guidance and help of Fr. Ignatius, the diocesan procurator.  In May 2010 Fr. Reji  was appointed the Parish Priest and on his transfer in May 2011 Fr. Ignatius  Anthony was appointed as the Parish Priest.  Fr. Benny Chittilappilly  SDV who came as assistant to Fr. Reji in Feb 2011 continued as assistant to Fr. Ignatius.  Fr. Ignatius began his ministry in all earnestness and got himself  endeared to the parishioners. But unfortunately on August 14, 201 (Just 2 ½ months) he suffered a massive heart attack and left for his reward.  Then Fr. Benny SDV was appointed priest in charge with Fr. Joseph Polishetty helping him as and when required.  Then Fr. Thomas Thennatt SAC, a Pallotine priest was appointed Parish Priest and he took charge of the parish on 1st July 2012 when he was installed by the Arch Bishop during the Holy Eucharist.  Fr. Benny, SDV continues to be the assistant. 

The parish has 2 religious houses-both of  them formation houses-run by the Good Shepherd sisters and St. Peter Claver Sisters.   There are about 250 catholic families constituting of people belonging to different languages, cultures, classes and tradition. In spite of this great variety and plurality of all sorts we do experience unity in diversity which is our great strength as well as at times a matter of concern.

The parish has a very active parish council.  Members are elected from the different SCC units. there are 5 SCC groups who meet regularly every month for the Bible sharing and other prayer meeting. They are very much involved in the life and activities of the parish.  The Sunday catechism classes are well managed by the laity. There is an active and dynamic youth group also. A real felt need and a matter of grave concern is to have a church for our daily worship and sacramental celebrations.  All the members are anxiously looking for its speedy realization and are praying together for this very important intention.  They are earnestly knocking at the doors of heaven and at the hearts of people to realize this great dream and vision as soon as possible.

A piece of land has purchased to construct new church. Inviting your generous contributions.....

Mansar Mansar


St. Theresa Church, P. O. Mansar – 441106, Tehsil – Ramtek, Dist- Nagpur Ph: 07114-268112

Established 1962
Sub-Station Beldongri, Pauni, Satak, Khumar
Patron St. Theresa of Child Jesus
Feast 1st Oct.
Families 50
Parish Priest Fr. Sebasti Raj ,9766118285
Religious House (Men) Brothers of SJW (Satak)
Religious House (Women) SMMI

St. Theresa's Church is situated in Ramtek Tahasil on Highway No.7 on Jabalpur Road. It is about 4o k.m. from Nagpur city. The property was purchased in the year 1912-1913. The Church was established in 1912. The Church building was an old police chowki, which was repaired and renovated during the course of time with the residence for the priest. The first Parish Priest was Fr. Boniface Mendes. Before 1962 priests were coming either from Kamptee or Gondia to celebrate the mass. The parishioners mostly working in the Manganeese mines are of Tamil origin. Besides Mansar there are some visiting stations: Pauni, Totladoah, Hiwra, satak and Beldongri. The parish owns 102 acres of land at satak village, which is 13 k.m. away from the Mansar Parish.

New Buti Bori New Buti Bori

New Buti Bori

St. Claret Church, Near Rly Gate, Nagpur Road, New Buti Bori, M.S. 441 108 Ph: 07103 262538

Established 2000
Patron St. Claret
Feast 24th Oct.
Families 27
Parish Priest Fr. Antony Bawanthade , 9527807008
Religious House (Men) Claretian Fathers
Religious House (Women) Claretian Sisters

Earlier this Parish was part of Holy Family Church, Padari Thana. Buti- Bori is an Industrial area and lot of people come in search of job and settle down for some time and later go away when they get better job. St. Claret Church Buti- Bori was established in the year 2000 at the invitation of the Archbishop, His grace Abraham Viruthukulangara.

In the beginning the pioneer missionaries were staying in rented house . In the year 2002 land was purchased in  order to start a school and parish. Fr. Beofre started this mission as the parishioners used to go to Holy Family Church, Thana. It is around 13 km from Buti Bori.

1. Rev. Fr. Siby Ervimangalam cmf was appointed as the first Parish Priest in the year 2000.

2. Rev. Fr. Thomas Thaniyyanical succeeded Fr. Siby in the year 2002 and worked for seven years

    as Parish Priest.

3. Fr. Francis Kallampukat cmf and Fr. Sunny Kunampadvil worked as Asst. Parish Priest in 2010.

4. Fr. Fabianus Barwa cmf and Fr. Thomas Manakuzhyil cmf were appointed as Parish Priest and

  Asst. Parish Priest respectively by His grace Abraham Viruthukulangara. 

At present we do not have parish church and we are making use of the school prayer  hall for all the liturgical purposes. At present we have 28 families in Buti Bori

The Parish is growing day by day and people regularly participate in all the liturgical services. We are grateful to God for his blessings, providence and protection. Let's bow before God the Almighty for loving kindness and mercy. We are what we are because of HIM.

Padri Thana Padri Thana

Padri Thana

Holy Family Church, Padri Thana, Via Butibori, Nagpur – 441108, M.S. Ph: 07103261489

Established 1865
Sub-Station Pettichua, Sindhiveri
Patron Holy Family
Feast Holy Family Feast
Families 110
Parish Priest Fr. Mathew Kunnathumattam PSDP
Asst. Priest Fr. Satish Kudilil PSDP
Religious House (Men) 1) Poor Servants of Divine Providence
2) St. Joseph the Worker
Religious House (Women) 1) Poor Servants of Divine Providence
2) Assisi Sisters of Mary Immaculate
3) Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King
4) Sisters of the Sacred Heart

The history of Thana mission

The land of Padri Thana mission was bought on 16 may, 1865 by Rev Fr Belmond, the first missionary of Thana. He was an       M.S.F.S. missionary. It was 1277 acres of land, in cash payment of Rs 1192.80 plus one Rupee as the registration fee of the sale deal which was to give the mission hereditary rights.            

On 21 May 1865 Bishop Tissot of Vishakhapatnam mission and Fr. Belmond climbed the highest hill called 'Galhekery'. Later it was named "Mount Carmel" of the land bought for the Thana mission, erected, and blessed. A wooden cross, which was, replaced by a huge steel cross on 24th February 1935 by Bishop Gayat and declared that May 3rd, feast of the invention of the Holy Cross would be the feast of Thana's Calvary celebrated by pilgrimage and procession every year.

According to the Baptismal register the settlement started 1897 onwards. Due to the plague and famine thousands of people died in Nagpur area. Many children became orphans and the government of India collected these children almost 900 of them and entrusted them to M.S.F.S. missionaries. These children were brought to Thana mission, there they were settled. Fathers took care of boys and St. Joseph Sisters the girls. They grew up and were married. Some settled there itself; many of them migrated to different parts of Nagpur like Martin Nagar, Jaitala, Amravati, Jabalpur etc. M.S.F.S missionaries built Church, Hindi Medium School, Hostel for children and farm houses for people there in Thana.

P.S.D.P. missionaries came to Padri Thana in 1995. They gave first preference to the people who were spiritually very poor to bring them close to Jesus through Mother Mary. In order to have more devotion to Mother Mary, three grottos were built two in Padri Thana and one in Pettichuva.

Below the grotto of Blessed Virgin Mary built 20 Stations of the Cross of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary is built. A chapel built in the cemetery. Renovation of the 100 year old churches in Padri Thana and Pettichuva are done beautifully. People got many opportunities to go for retreat in different retreat centers like Potta, Tabor, and Faridabad. Also many good retreat preachers were brought to Thana for the people. Many awareness program classes and camps were organized for the people for the betterment of the people P.S.D.P. Missionaries started Hospital, English Medium School, home for the destitute and hostel. Considering the children's future studies, they started another hostel with all the necessary facilities in Fetri Nagpur. God has done great things in the lives of Thana people through P S D P missionaries. One of the most important things is people of Thana stopped taking alcohol which was their main business for last 70 years. Thanks be to God. According to the latest census there are 110 families in this parish. There are 5 religious, 3 fathers and 2 brothers who are working in this parish from P.S.D.P. men congregation and one Diocesan brother and priest. Besides this, 13 other religious from different women congregations FMCK, ASM I, SH & PSDP are also working in this mission.

Seminary Hills Seminary Hills

Seminary Hills

Our Lady of Rosary Church, Seminary Hills, Nagpur - 440006 Ph: 07122510872

Established 1976
Patron Our Lady of Rosary
Feast 7th Oct.
Families 342
Parish Priest Fr. Amruth Raj OP , 9890025284
Religious House (Men) 1) Orders of Preachers
2) PSDP Fathers
3) Norbertine Fathers
4) Pallottine Fathers
Religious House (Women) 1) Presentation Sisters
2) St. Joseph Sisters

The parish at the Seminary Hills is associated with the Dominicans for a long time. Historically it had been part of St. Francis de Sales Cathedral parish. Seeing the need of the people in and around the Seminary Hills, the parish was created in 1965 with Fr. Stephen Moniz as the first parish priest. St. Charles seminary was the center of all the parish activities and the grotto was the shrine visited by all. With the ordination of the first Indian Dominican in 1971, the responsibility of taking care of the parish was handed over to the Dominicans. St. Dominic's Ashram was made the center for parish activities and the community church was also used as the parish church. The prior of St. Dominic's Ashram is the parish priest, who was assisted by a parochial vicar. Fr. Pius Mc Grath, OP was the first Parish Priest, who was assisted by Fr. C.J. Sebastian, OP as the first parochial vicar. Over the years, the parish has grown and with the coming of the Mary Queen of the Apostles Church at Anantnagar, the parish was bifurcated. The Pallottine Fathers have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the new parish and parish at Seminary Hills continued to be taken care of by the Dominicans.

At Present Fr. Amirtha Raj, OP is the Parish Priest and he is assisted by the community of priests. One of the major thrusts within the parish is to organize and to administer the Rosary Parish for the purpose of being a well organized and administered parish and for instructing and educating the seminarians how a parish has to be organized in the present situation. The parish functions with the involvement of all the parishioners. It is a “Participative” and a “Collaborative” church, where all the members in different areas of the parish are encouraged to build small Christian communities leading to building communities of communities and communities of humanity. There are many important programmes are planned and in the process of carrying them out:

1. Formation of the Parish Council: Representatives from the Religious houses; representatives from the SCC; representatives from the organizations; representatives from all the committees; and nominated members. Every month the parish council members come together and discuss, deliberate, plan and organize the entire programme where maximum people participate in all the diocesan and parish programmes and activities.

2. Formation of vibrant and functioning Small Christian Communities: Bringing all the families together around the Word of God in a particular area and helping them to read, reflect, pray, assimilate and put into practice in one's life, which eventually would lead to transformation and a deep sense of belonging to the community and to the parish.

3. Formation of a new and restructuring and reconstituting the old Parish organizations: Over and above the participation in the liturgical services, being a member of an organization makes the parishioners to be more actively involved in the life and ministry of the parish.

4. Formation of different committees for effectiveness, efficiency, involvement and responsibility: The entire parish council is grouped into different committees, where the committee members accept and carry out the responsibility entrusted to them.

5. Planning for the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes: The Shrine is the Pilgrim Center of Central India, where we plan to develop in a big way for the good of the church, for the good of the diocese and for the good of the devotees.

6. Regular pastoral visits to the Families: The best way to build a parish is to have regular organized pastoral visits to all the families of the parish. The Parish Priest is expected to visit at least three times a year all the families of the parish. 

7. Three times a year area wise mass in all the areas of the parish: Part of building up and enlivening the parish we have area wise mass during lent, advent and also during the feast of the patron of the area. The three occasions bring the entire people together.

8. Regular training and faith formation programmes: During the year we organize a number of programmes where maximum people could participate in them. Most of these programmes are faith formation, study of Bible and any other relevant courses needed and available for the parishioners.

9. Catechism classes for children and for adults: This is organized for all the children and the teachers and the students are regular and are committed to it. 

10. Social and developmental programme in the parish: We have also many developmental and participative activities within the parish through the Vincent de Paul Society and Women's Group and so on. Through these groups, the medical needs of the sick and need and the educational needs of the poor children as well as to support in a regular way the basic needs of the parishioners.               

Seoni Seoni


Sandesh Sadan, Catholic Church, Bungalow No. 157, Keoti Ward, Seoni – 48066 Ph: 07692221740

Established 1970
Sub-Station Gopalganj, Suktara Kurai, Barghat
Patron Annunciation
Feast 25th March
Families 27
Parish Priest Fr. Jaya Prakash , 9407014872
Asst. Priest Fr. Jackson
Religious House (Women) Assisi Sisters of Mary Immaculate (ASMI)

Seoni is one of the district of Madhya Pradesh. It's geographic and natural situations are very different. It is located between Nagpur and Jabalpur. During British rule only two Scottish mission churches existed in Seoni District. It was built around in 18th century. Earlier there were no catholic churches in Seoni , fathers would come from Chhindwada to celebrate mass for the catholic families namely Joseph family and Doyle family. Later students from Kerala came there to do their course in nursing. Many were Catholics. Seeing the increasing catholic population the visiting priest felt the need for a church.

Fr. Edwin Alvares used to celebrate Mass in the Octroi shed and also stayed there . Father started looking for a place to build church, during  that time he expressed his desire to then bishop Leobard D'souza. Bishop agreed.

There was a Bungalow which belonged to Rajendra Gupta, an advocate who had given it to State Bank of India for rent. As it was God's will, the bank got its own new building, so Fr. Edwin Alvares purchased the land from them and named it Sandesh Sadan because he acquired the land on 25th March, the day of Annunciation.  The place was not sufficient for the church, so he looked for some more land close to the bungalow. In 1973, he managed to purchase some land and construct the present church.

Rev. Fr. Edwin Alvares,  the first Parish Priest.

In 2001 Most Rev. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara had a plan to build a school in Seoni. So a small piece of land was purchased and St. Francis of Assisi Pre-Primary School came into existence. Today by the grace of God the school is growing day by day and reached 10th standard. Bishop swami invited ASMI Sisters to work in the school .

Joshua -1:5 “The Lord says, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life, I will be with you..”

Priests at Sandesh Sadan (1973 to 2012)

1.   Rev. Fr. Edwin Alvares

2.   Rev. Fr. Cyril Lobo

3.   Rev. Fr. Edwin Alvares

4.   Rev. Fr. Louis Bhosle

5.   Rev. Fr. Augustine Kadam

6  Rev. Fr. Aaron Reddy

7.   Rev. Fr. Stephen Moniz

8.   Rev. Fr. Jeya Prakash & Rev. Fr. Joseph Kannanaikal SDV

Silewara Silewara


Sacred Heart Catholic Church C/o English Primary School, P.O. Silewara (WCL), Dt. Nagpur, M.S. – 441109 Ph: 07113267252

Established 1970
Sub-Station Khaperkheda, Saoner, Pipla
Patron Sacred Heart
Feast 29th June
Families 40
Parish Priest Fr. Rudolf Toppo
Religious House (Women) 1) Sisters of Sacred Heart
2) St. Anns Sisters (Vijayawada)

Fr. Augustine Kadam used to visit Silewara from Saoner. He established a K.G and Primary School to cater to the children of W.C.L. S.M.M.I, Sisters were running the school initially. Later on Archbishop Leobard invited the Sacred Heart Sisters from Patna and the school was handed over to them in 1981. Fr. A. Kadam was the first Chaplain followed by many others who already went for their eternal reward. As the catholic population working in Silewara increased, it was upgraded as a parish. At present Fr. Rudolf Toppo is the parish priest. A plot of land has been purchased by NRCDC at Dahegaon 8 Kms from Silewara on Chindwara Highway for the purpose of building a church and priest's residence.

Sitabuldi Sitabuldi


St. Francis Xavier Church, Temple Bazar Road, Sitabuldi, Nagpur – 440012, M.S. Ph: 0712-2541556

Established 2006
Patron St, Francis Xavier
Feast 3rd Dec.
Families 87
Parish Priest Fr. Patrick Lemos - 9921230111
Religious House (Women) Apostolic Carmel

The Nagpur Catholics were first visited by the Goan priests who had built a small chapel at Sitabuldi around the year 1836 and dedicated it to St. Francis Xavier, patron of the missions. Subseqently, the Irish chaplains from Kamptee were incharge.

With Nagpur becoming a diocese in 1887, the cathedral of St. Francis de Sales became the centre of religious activities for the Catholics. The chapel at Sitabuldi was only operative during the feast day of St. Francis Xavier in November and December each year.

During the late sixties a need was felt to have a mass centre at Mount Carmel Convent, Dhantoli on the airport road, to cater to the spiritual needs of the catholic staying in west Nagpur. Fr. Joaquim Fernandes was the first priest-in-charge of the centre. He was succeeded by Fr. Joe Quadros who served the growing catholic community for 12 years. During this period of time a lot of search was made for a plot of land in and around Dhantoli on the airport road to have a parish church and priest residence. The existing chapel at Sitabuldi on the airport road, with its limited surrounding land, was earmarked by Archbishop Abraham Virthakulangara for a parish church for the Catholics of Dhantoli mass centre and the surrounding area. The parish is spread over the main town of Sitabuldi, Dhantoli, Mariam Nagar, Civil lines, Dharampeth, Gokulpeth, Bajaj Nagar, and Amravati Road.

On 11th March 2004 the bomipujan for the new parish church at Sitabuldi was performed by Archbishop Abraham in the company of a visiting bishop, priests. religious and the faithful. The old chapel was demolished and a new structure consisting of a basement, priest residence and church was blessed and inaugurated by our Archbishop Abraham Virthakulangara on 29th January 2006. Fr Jerome Pinto was first Parish Priest from 2006 to 2008. later in June 2008 Fr. Patrick Lemos was appointed as a second Parish Priest.


Besides Sunday services there is regular Sacred Heart devotion on every Friday .There are ten SSC groups who meet on regular basis. There are alcoholic anonymous meetings on every Monday and Thursday. St Francis Xavier feast, the patron of the parish is celebrated with novena and people from all over Nagpur take part in novena and feast. During holy week, Parish youth enact the way of the cross through the main streets of Nagpur city. The first parish directory was published in 2008 so that parishioners know each other better and pray for each other and especially remember each other on their birthdays and anniversaries. Regular bulletin  of parish is circulated to the parishioners with all details of important events in the parish.

Surlakhapa Surlakhapa


P.O., Surlakhapa – 480222, Tah – Harrai, Dt. – Chhindwara, M.P. Ph: 07167287343

Established 1978
Patron St. John the Baptist
Families 4
Parish Priest Jose Pariyadan CMI , 9981336530
Religious House (Men) CMI Fathers

Surlakhapa is about 185 kms distant from Nagpur and 56 kms from Chhindwara parish in Chhindwara district head-quarters. It is a remotest area of the Archdiocese of Nagpur. It is a tribal belt in the Satpura Ranges, surrounded by hills and mountains. The people are mostly Hindus. There are only 5 Catholic families for whom the church is catering to their spiritual needs through Sunday Liturgy, family visits and administering holy sacraments. The prime objective of the Institution in the area is to look after welfare of all the people without looking at their caste and creed.

Rev. Fr.Stephen Moniz and Bro. Bernard Furtado took residence at Agragami in Surlakhapa in 1976. The pioneers, struggled to initiate the mission in Surlakhapa staying in a rented house.  They successfully  created rapport with the people and established the center by purchasing land property and constructing an ordinary building attuned with the local style . This took about two years. On 24th June 1978, Archbishop of Nagpur, Dr. Leobard  D'Souza blessed the Agragami mission station. The center was named after St. John the Baptist, Agragami i.e. Precursor, fitting the name to the nature of the mission of St. John who announced the coming of the Kingdom of God, being in the wilderness.

Objectives of the Mission: 

a. Build up communities which will be aware, responsible, involved and committed to the welfare of all.

b. to create a society of equality and freedom.

c. To establish a witnessing community at the center,

d. Help the people to help themselves

e. Work towards wholeness of man, society and cosmos

f. To guide the people to realize their power and their potential

Methodology :

a. Individual and family based contacts and rapport creation

b. Participation in socio-cultural and religious events.

c. Need based approach to solve the problems of the people.

d. Finally ending up the pursuits in building up people's organizations.

e. Emphasis on Ecological development and community health. 

Following the formulation of new vision and strategy, the communities of sisters began to have intensive contact in villages and involved in social action together with the youth and elders.

Activities Realized  : 

a. Organized .Nirman samiti, Yova Mandal, bal mandals and women's SHGs   

b .Organic cultivation was promoted in the center to motivate the people through replication.

c. Plantation of trees in villages.

d. Several Income Generation Activities like knitting, tailoring etc. were started in the centers.

e. Drinking water facilities were created in villages especially in Surli  and Khapa where there was adverse problem of scarcity of water.

f. Collective action towards electrification of many villages.

g. A check dam was constructed at Surli village

h. Health programs were initiated in Surli and Basuriya sub-centers where the two communities of sister resided.

i. Non-formal education was started in two sub-centers

j. The neighboring villages were contacted by the sisters.

k. Tuition center was made available in the Agragami when the OMIs came to Surlakhapa.

Bottle-necks and Obstacles :

A report is available at the Center; it is mentioned that there were several problems due to the circumstances, the lack of familiarity with people and rumors triggered by the trouble-shooters.  The ELC church members had initiated several missionary attempts through direct preaching and created a bad image of Church, by forced conversion and coercion to accept the Christian faith without having proper rapport with the people and their consent.  It took more than two years to create sufficient contact with the people and families residing in the remote villages.

The Agragami Center was entrusted to the CMI St. Paul Bhopal Province on June 24th 2006 on the basis of the contract signed between both the Diocese and the CMI Province.

Tuman Tuman


Fransalian House, Shivaji Nagar, Nimkheda P.O., Mauda – Taluka, Nagpur – Dt, M.S. Ph: 07115238903, 07115238875

Established 1990
Patron Holy Family
Feast Holy Family
Families 6
Parish Priest Fr. Vishwas , 9421670444
Religious House (Men) MSFS Fathers
Religious House (Women) St. Josephs of Anecy

Tuman Mission center is 45K.M. away from Nagpur city and 20k.m from Mouda. It is a small village of about 2500 people. It  is surrounded with small villages like Shivajinagar, Nimkhed, Birsi, Pardi, Revral, Khaparkheda, Hingnga,and  Rajoli. Tuman mission was separated from Bhendala jurisdiction and erected into a new ecclesiastical circumscription as the center by Archbishop Leobard D'souza on the 10th May 1991.

The mission was entrusted to the Missionaries Of St.Francis De Sales on 27th May 1991.Fr. Mathew Ubale was the first priest in charge of the center. The center was named as Navjeevan Community.

Navjeevan Community

The Tuman community center is an experiment of the Archdioceses of Nagpur. In other words it is called a “grass root community”. This mission is directly under the guidance and supervision of the Archdioceses of Nagpur. The  ICM sisters were invited by the Archdiocese of Nagpur. They were working in close collaboration with this mission. The sisters were given a house in front of Navjeevan Community called Shanti Bhavan.

The Apostolate of the Center

The apostolate of the center was pastoral, social and health care. The ICM sisters congregation was invited for this apostolate and they were working with MSFS at the center from the beginning. These apostolate were  carried on by the sisters and fathers.

Activities Of the Center

A. Adult Education. Value education for cows and goat grazing boys and school going children. Helping them in their studies, particularly English classes .

B. As a part of activity a small hall was bulild for village children in Shivaji Nagar, where classes were held for tribal children.

C. Helping school dropout children. Meetings with Mahila mandals and forming SHG groups.

Inter-Religious Dialogue

Celebrating Diwali, Raksha Bhundan. On such occasions interreligious dialogue is organized and the feasts are celebrated. Through these feasts people are brought together. In the month of December Christmas is celebrated, whole village take part in Christmas celebration. Jesus is the peace maker, light of the world is made known to them.

House visiting

A Hall was built at Shanti Nagar later on it was known as Holy Family Church. Fr. Mathew, Sr. Archna and Bro. Marcus worked with people for the Church construction. He continued his mission work till 2001.

Blessings of New House (Fransalian house) Shivagi Nagar:-

Shanti Bhavan was not enough for the activities therefore Navjeevan Community house was given to sisters and land was bought by the congregation at Shivaji Nagar for the priest residence. Fransalian house was build at Shivagi Nagar and Blessed on 4th August 2002. SFS Ballwadi at Shivagi Nagar was also started with eight students:

Arrival of Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy,  Bhuvaneshwar

SJA sister arrived at Tuman and their House Shanti Bhavan Tuman was blessed on 4th August 2002 by Archbishop Abraham Virutukulangra. A part of new Fransalian house also was used by sisters as Kripa clinic for rural health scheme. Sr. Thomasina looked after the health center. SJA sisters continued the apostolate of Tuman mission i.e. social, pastoral and health care for Shivagi Nagar people at continued for three years and later it was shifted to Nimkheda; in the school campus.

New apostolate for Tuman Mission

SFS school had begun at Fransalian House Shivajij Nagar with eight students. As number of admissions were increasing, five acres land was bought by NFS with Fr. Valerian in March 2003- for school purpose and the school was build in Nimkheda. Fr. Valerian and Sisters started a primary school. January 2012 SFS completes 10 years of its existence in Tuman .

At present there are 236 students on roll and it has reached up to 7th std. Three sisters are working in the school and one of them is looking after the health center. 10th Nov. 2011 School extension building work started for further classes. Six classrooms and four toilets were built and also a stage for the school activities were build. The Sisters of   St. Joseph of Annecy and MSFS Fathers are working in close collaboration and carrying on the mission that is entrusted to them.

Tumsar Tumsar


C/o Dr. Santoshi, Near Petrol Pump, Above State Bank, Tumsar – 441 912, Dist.- Bhandara Ph: 07183233896

Established 1999
Sub-Station Dongri Mines, Chikla Mines
Patron St. Francis Xavier
Feast 3rd Dec
Families 33
Parish Priest Fr. Brian V. Rodrigues , 9665879880
Asst.Parish Fr. Diogo S.Gama ,
Religious House (Men) Pilar Fathers
Religious House (Women) Daughters of Mary Immaculate

  The place called Tumsar comes under Bhandara District in Maharashtra under the Archdiocese of Nagpur. Formally, this Parish was looked after by the Priests of Nagpur Diocese i.e. from Gondia Parish, around 60 km away from Tumsar. Sunday Masses and days of obligations were celebrated for these people at Tumsar. But due to distance and other inconveniences there was no regularity in the celebration of Eucharist and other spiritual needs. People were waiting and longing for residential priest who would take care of their spiritual and moral needs.

  In the year 1999, two young missionary priests (Pillar Fathers) landed in Tumsar and started functioning and celebrating Eucharist for the people at Dr. Santoshi's clinic in a small hall. Besides the Eucharist at Tumsar, Fathers used to go for visiting  at far-off villages. There were around 135 catholic families mostly migrants for sake of job.

  Today, there are about 35 catholic families and these are mostly in Tumsar, Madgi, Devadi, Chikkla, Sitasongi Dongri, but there are other villages where DMI sisters reach out to them with their self help group. Basically, these villagers are farmers. With Government scheme and other facilities they try to educate their children.

  The Church has organized the Basic Christian Communities (B.C.C ) which is presently functioning. Once a week, the prayer service is held in every catholic family. They come together and have one-hour prayer service, discuss and share their problem and support each in any ways they can.. Various prayer group leaders ably conduct these prayer services in their respective places.

Umrer Umrer


St. Francis of Assisi Church, Assisi Sadan, Opp. WCL, Umrer – 441204, M.S. 07116247665

Established 1996
Sub-Station Pahami, Makardhokra
Patron St. Francis of Assisi
Feast 4th Oct.
Families 30
Parish Priest Fr.Hemanth
Religious House (Men) Orders of Friars Minor
Religious House (Women) Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King

In 1964, some of the WCL employees approached Bishop Raymond to send a priest to celebrate mass for the catholic families. Accordingly Bishop sent the priests from Padri Thana.

Fr. Aaron Reddy (1964-1967), the Assistant Parish Priest at Holy Family Parish at Padrithana. Fr. Mathew Fernandes, the Principal of S.F.S. School Nagpur, Fr. Mathew Kaimaleth, the Parish Priest of Holy Family Church, Unthkhana   (1967-1970) celebrated mass in one of WCL quarters.

Fr. Bonnie Mendes (1970-1973), was appointed as the First Parish Priest and began to reside there. Till then, the documents and records were maintained at Holy Family Church Padri Thana. It was in the same years that the first group of Sisters, St. Joseph of Chambery were asked to take care the administration of the school, they left within a period of two years due to the unavoidable reasons.

Fr. Joseph Thundyl (1973-1984), got an official permission to stay in one of the WCL Quaters.  Under his Pastoral care, the land for the church was purchased in 1981. The fund for the construction of the Church was undertaken by Sr. Francesca, F.M.C.K, the Superior. The church construction was completed in 1983. The Church was blessed by Bishop Leobard D'Souza on 18th March 1983, under the patronage of St. Francis of Assisi. Bishop Leobard and Fr. Thundyl named it so because of the work of Sr. Francesca. The F.M.C.K. sisters came in 1975 and are continuing to take care of the school till today. The sisters are known, for their outstanding contribution here in the field of education for more than twenty five years.

This parish was handed over to the Franciscans (OFM)  on 26th January 1996 by Bishop Leobard D'Souza. On the same day, Assisi Sadan was blessed and since then, this house has been functioning as a House of Formation (Postulancy). From 2010, the house is serving as the head quarters for the Franciscans for the Dependant Custody of the Mary, Mother of God Province, North Region. Now we have begun a house of an Initiation Year for the Candidates from 2011 onwards.

I. Ongoing Activities in the Parish:

1)  Parish Youth Day

2)  Mother's Day

3) Parish Feast

4)  Children's Day

5)  Mission Sunday

6)  Christ the King Feast: At Deanery Level

7)  Charismatic Retreat

8)  Parish Picnic Day

9)  Way of the Cross

10)  SCC Prayer Service on Every Thursday

There is an emerging challenge in the parishes, as WCL mines were closed for some days. As a result, there is a frequent transfer of our parishioners, which disturbs the regular activities of the parish.  However, there is a tremendous effort to bring up the parish both spiritually and physically. Finally, the future plan of the parish is to renovate the Church and to evangelize many more people into our faith from the locality, as this parish mainly depends upon the WCL employees.

Untkhana Untkhana


Holy Family Church, Medical College Road, Untkhana, Nagpur – 440009 Ph: 0712-2744915

Established 1959
Patron Holy Family
Feast 28th Dec.
Families 185
Parish Priest Fr. Paschal Fragose , 9422130440
Religious House (Women) SMMI Sisters

In the year 1890, the Civic Authorities of Nagpur the then Bishop of Nagpur, Msgr. Riccaz requested to rehabilitate the abandoned, physically handicapped, insane and lepers of Nagpur and a plot of land was made available to him. Bishop Riccaz entrusted this task to the Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate, naming the centre as Poor House.

It took nearly 75 years to recognize the good work of the sisters and the mud huts were replaced with well-equipped rehabilitation centres. Meanwhile a good number of Catholic families had settled down around this institute. The spiritual care of the inmates of the Poor House and that of outside was carried out by priests from the Bishop's House or from the neighboring Parish of Ajni.

In 1959 Archbishop Eugene D'souza made Untkhana as a full-fledged Parish with the name as Holy Family Church and the Poor House Chapel was made the Parish Church with a resident priest. Fr. Joseph Ekka was the first Parish Priest. Due to the increase in the population a new, beautiful and spacious church was built and blessed during the time of Fr. P.M Thomas on 21 st June 1994. Today the growing parish has the care of 190 catholic families, 2 large convents with 34 religious sisters and 300 inmates and two hospitals; and of course, the non- catholics living within the parish territory.

Wadi Wadi


Infant Jesus Church, 8th Mile, Amravati Road, Wadi, Nagpur – 440023, M.S. Ph: 07104220480

Established 1998
Patron Infant Jesus
Feast Feb.
Families 60
Parish Priest Fr. Felix Moras - 9420568547
Religious House (Men) CMI Fathers
Religious House (Women) St. Ann's Sisters (Vijayawada)

The Church of Infant Jesus is situated at about 13 kms from Nagpur city, off Amravati Road, popularly known as 8th  mile. This was a part of Jaitala Parish, till 1997. Way back in 1968, late Fr. Jacob Lewis had bought a small piece of land, admeasuring  100" x 100', to build a church later on. In 1982, initially, Holy Mass was being offered in individual Christian houses. This practice continued until various Christian Denominations in Defence Project, built a hall for their services. In 1997, Fr. Stephen Moniz constructed a church and a small presbytery with two  rooms and a kitchen. The Church was blessed and inaugurated on 7th  December 1997 and was dedicated to Infant Jesus. Rev. Fr. Maurice Fernandes was the first Parish priest.

In 2007, June 26th  ,Fr. Felix Basil Moras  took charge of the Parish, as well as, the Parish Primary School. In 2008-09, the church was extended at both ends: in front a 14 feet porch and at the rear side a 8 feet. Sacristy. In 2009-10, a multipurpose hall with two guest rooms was built on top of the presbytery.

Infant Jesus Primary school:

In order to provide educational facilities to the local children, a piece of land measuring 100' 50' was purchased from CNI Bishop in 1997. A building was erected for this purpose. In 2002, Infant Jesus Primary School was started. Sisters of St. Ann of Luzern (Vijayawada) were invited to run the school for the Archdiocese. The school follows CBSE pattern of education. Right now, a hall is being built on top of the second floor of the school.

St.Ann's Convent: Sisters of St. Ann of Luzern (Vijayawada).were invited by the Archbishop, to run Infant Jesus School for the Archdiocese and help out in the Church activities. Though they have been there since 2002, yet they did not have their own premises. They used to reside in a rented building. The Archdiocese built a convent, on the plot bought in 2003, which was blessed and inaugurated on 7th June, 2006.

ChavaraKunj:    In order to have their presence in the Archdiocese, the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) of Mar Thomas  Province, Chanda established a transit house, at Dattawadi, on 25th  June 2001.

Carmel Academy Secondary School (CBSE): As Infant Jesus School, was unable to go beyond primary level, Archbishop Abrahm Viruthakulangara requested the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate of Mar Thomas Province, Chanda, to start a Higher Secondary School, close by. Accordingly, in June 2009, the Carmel Academy Secondary school was started. In the first year, classes were held in Infant Jesus School itself. In the second year, they moved out to rented premises and in  the third year, they shifted to their own spacious premises, at Waddhmana,  opposite to Highland Park.

Fr. Felix Basil Moras is the current Parish Priest and the Manager of Infant Jesus School, who is being assisted by Br. Sanjay Soren. SJW.

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