Parish & Mission Stations
Bhandara Bhandara


St. Peter’s Church, Sant Shilanand Bhawan, Jail Road, Bhandara – 441904 M.S.

Established 1996
Sub-Station Jawahar Nagar
Patron St. Prter
Feast 29th June
Families 50
Parish Priest Fr. Jeya Prakash, +919407014872
Religious House (Women) Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy

Earlier the people of Bhandera Parish, had to go to different places for Holy Mass, sometimes they used to go to Jawahar Nagar. Sometimes in Sister Josephs' quarter or in Sister Nicole's house. In 1981-82 the Parish Priest Fr. Brycie  of Jawahar Nagar parish used to come for the celebration of the Holy Mass.

In 1994 it was decided to purchase a land for the construction of the church. Fr. Bhosle was staying in Jawahar Nagar. In 1995 Fr. J.Thomas started the construction of the church. And thus a parish was established in the name of St. Peter. In 1996 Fr. P M Thomas became the parish priest. After 6 years, Fr. Francis Leonard then followed by  Fr. A. Thomas. Then Fr. Daniel for the next 3 year, followed by Fr. Michael,  Fr. Varghese and Fr. Prasad OSS were parish priests.

Psalm 28:7 - The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.

Thanks be to God that the Lord has given us a beautiful church, where mass is celebrated daily. On Sunday, catechism class for the children; we have S.C.C. prayers among the families along with parish priest. Every feast is now celebrated with enthusiasm and love. There are about 30 families and they take part in prayers and celebration of the Holy Mass. We wish that our Parish may grow and come forward to do every task faithfully and joyfully.

Bhendala Bhendala


Nirmala Niketan Bhendala, P.O. – Tharsa, Via – Ramtek, Tha. – Mauda, Dt. – Nagpur, M.S. – 441407 - 07115-238684

Established 1978
Sub-Station Mauda, Tarsa, Pashuvardhan Camp.
Patron Mary Immaculate Conception
Feast 8th Dec.
Families 25
Parish Priest Fr. Jackson, +919850874472
Religious House (Women) 1) John the Baptist Sisters
2) Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy

Fr. Varkey did a lot of pioneering work in Bhendala from Jawaharnagar. As he discovered a few Catholic families (Telegus-all farmers), he decided to cater to their spiritual needs. It was in the year 1973 a few hindus received faith. Simultaneously the work of evangelization was going on in the neighbouring villages also. The people built a small mud hut (Nirmalakutir) and the mass was being celebrated there. Later in 1980 Nirmalakutir became Nirmala Niketan, a multipurpose hall-cum-church and residential quarters for sisters (St.John the Baptist)was blessed and inaugurated by Archbishop Leobard D'Souza. In 2007 Nirmala Niketan church was renovated and blessed by Archbishop Abraham. Our parish is focusing on social, health and spiritual apostolate of the people. In 2008 a girls, hostel was opened for the poor children in the church.

Our Parish Priests:

1.   Fr. Varkey Pulikekara 1976-1782

2.   Fr. Brycie Coutinho 1983-1992

3.   Fr. Francis Leonard 1992- 1999

4.   Fr.Kurian V.O  1999-2000

5.   Fr.Kennet D'Souza (O.F.M) 2000-2007

6.   Fr. John Vianney 2007-

Jawaharnagar Jawaharnagar


St. Thomas Church, Sawri, Bhandare O.F., Bhandara – 441906

Established 1971
Patron St. Thomas
Feast 3rd July
Families 18
Parish Priest Fr. RajkishoreKullu, 9765016121,

Due to Ordinance factory in the year 1961, realizing the needs of the Catholic community, the Archbishop of Nagpur the Most Rev. Eugene D'Souza, arranged to send a priest once a month from Nagpur. Later on the Parish Priest of Gondia directed to attend to the spiritual needs of Catholic Community.  That is on every Sunday and every major feast.

As the projects of ordinance factory progressed, the member of Catholic steadily increased. Then Parish Priest of Gondia, Fr. Epiphanus Rodrigues in 1963, purchased a plot of land in the village Kondi, with the intention of constructing a place of worship for Catholic.  In the year 1966, Fr.Michael Ferrao, a newly ordained priest was appointed as a Parish Priest of Bhandara and Jawaharnagar. Due to his tireless efforts and the cooperation of the people, he purchased a plot of land in Sawri, village where today stands St.Thomas Church. (Saint Yugal Kumar Bhawan)

In June 1970 Fr.Varkey Pullikekara a dynamic personality took over as parish priest. He had great zeal for mission activity. It was due to his tireless efforts and supervision that St. Thomas Church (Saint Yugal Kumar Bhawan) was build and inaugurated on 31st Oct 1971 with the blessing by the Most Rev. Raymand Leonard.

In 1973 Fr. Varkey set foot in Bhendala. Fr. Brycie Coutionho helped Fr. Varkey in administration of Bhandara, Jawaharnagar and the new mission of Nirmala Niketan at Bhendala. It was on the 30th Oct 1982 that a sudden pale of gloom descended on a mission .News reached Jawaharnagar that Fr. Varkey had met with a tragic accident .His memory still lives in the minds and hearts of all those with and for whom he worked especially the poor. Immediately in 1982 monsignor Sylvester Monteiro was appointed as a priest in charge, besides being the vicar general of the Diocese, to help Fr. Brycie who was mostly in Bhendala. With the return of Fr.Antunes Nazareth to the diocese, he was immediately appointed as a new Parish Priest in 1984.He purchased a plot of land for the Bhandara Church. 

On the 15th July 1988, Jawaharnagar welcomed its new pastor Fr.Joseph Quadras,  who came from Kamptee.  Both Fr. Joseph Quadros and Fr. Louis Bhosle worked together in vineyard of Lord and they were very much loved by the people. In 1989 Fr. Louis Bhosle was replaced by Fr. James Thomas. He took personal interest in the parish activities. He looked after Bhandara, outstations of Sakoli, Sunflag and Madgi. The effort of Fr. Alfie and Fr. James saw the new Church and priest residence at Bhandara completed and blessed by Rt. Rev. Bishop Sylvester Monteiro. From the year 2001 to 2003 Fr. Thomas took care of St. Thomas Church.

In June 2007 a new ordained priest Fr. Praful Dungdung was appointed as a priest in charge to St. Thomas Church. . It was on the 3rd July 2010 Fr. Praful Dung Dung passed away. The care of St.Thomas Church was taken by Fr. John Vianney for a short period. In July 17th 2011 Fr. Gonsalo Rodrigues is appointed as a priest in charge to St. Thomas Church.

Tuman Tuman


Fransalian House, Shivaji Nagar, Nimkheda P.O., Mauda – Taluka, Nagpur – Dt, M.S. Ph: 07115238903, 07115238875

Established 1990
Patron Holy Family
Feast Holy Family
Families 6
Parish Priest Fr. Philip Malaparampil MSFS, 7083022269,
Religious House (Men) MSFS Fathers
Religious House (Women) St. Josephs of Anecy

Tuman Mission center is 45K.M. away from Nagpur city and 20k.m from Mouda. It is a small village of about 2500 people. It  is surrounded with small villages like Shivajinagar, Nimkhed, Birsi, Pardi, Revral, Khaparkheda, Hingnga,and  Rajoli. Tuman mission was separated from Bhendala jurisdiction and erected into a new ecclesiastical circumscription as the center by Archbishop Leobard D'souza on the 10th May 1991.

The mission was entrusted to the Missionaries Of St.Francis De Sales on 27th May 1991.Fr. Mathew Ubale was the first priest in charge of the center. The center was named as Navjeevan Community.

Navjeevan Community

The Tuman community center is an experiment of the Archdioceses of Nagpur. In other words it is called a “grass root community”. This mission is directly under the guidance and supervision of the Archdioceses of Nagpur. The  ICM sisters were invited by the Archdiocese of Nagpur. They were working in close collaboration with this mission. The sisters were given a house in front of Navjeevan Community called Shanti Bhavan.

The Apostolate of the Center

The apostolate of the center was pastoral, social and health care. The ICM sisters congregation was invited for this apostolate and they were working with MSFS at the center from the beginning. These apostolate were  carried on by the sisters and fathers.

Activities Of the Center

A. Adult Education. Value education for cows and goat grazing boys and school going children. Helping them in their studies, particularly English classes .

B. As a part of activity a small hall was bulild for village children in Shivaji Nagar, where classes were held for tribal children.

C. Helping school dropout children. Meetings with Mahila mandals and forming SHG groups.

Inter-Religious Dialogue

Celebrating Diwali, Raksha Bhundan. On such occasions interreligious dialogue is organized and the feasts are celebrated. Through these feasts people are brought together. In the month of December Christmas is celebrated, whole village take part in Christmas celebration. Jesus is the peace maker, light of the world is made known to them.

House visiting

A Hall was built at Shanti Nagar later on it was known as Holy Family Church. Fr. Mathew, Sr. Archna and Bro. Marcus worked with people for the Church construction. He continued his mission work till 2001.

Blessings of New House (Fransalian house) Shivagi Nagar:-

Shanti Bhavan was not enough for the activities therefore Navjeevan Community house was given to sisters and land was bought by the congregation at Shivaji Nagar for the priest residence. Fransalian house was build at Shivagi Nagar and Blessed on 4th August 2002. SFS Ballwadi at Shivagi Nagar was also started with eight students:

Arrival of Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy,  Bhuvaneshwar

SJA sister arrived at Tuman and their House Shanti Bhavan Tuman was blessed on 4th August 2002 by Archbishop Abraham Virutukulangra. A part of new Fransalian house also was used by sisters as Kripa clinic for rural health scheme. Sr. Thomasina looked after the health center. SJA sisters continued the apostolate of Tuman mission i.e. social, pastoral and health care for Shivagi Nagar people at continued for three years and later it was shifted to Nimkheda; in the school campus.

New apostolate for Tuman Mission

SFS school had begun at Fransalian House Shivajij Nagar with eight students. As number of admissions were increasing, five acres land was bought by NFS with Fr. Valerian in March 2003- for school purpose and the school was build in Nimkheda. Fr. Valerian and Sisters started a primary school. January 2012 SFS completes 10 years of its existence in Tuman .

At present there are 236 students on roll and it has reached up to 7th std. Three sisters are working in the school and one of them is looking after the health center. 10th Nov. 2011 School extension building work started for further classes. Six classrooms and four toilets were built and also a stage for the school activities were build. The Sisters of   St. Joseph of Annecy and MSFS Fathers are working in close collaboration and carrying on the mission that is entrusted to them.

Umrer Umrer


St. Francis of Assisi Church, Assisi Sadan, Opp. WCL, Umrer – 441204, M.S. 07116247665

Established 1996
Sub-Station Pahami, Makardhokra
Patron St. Francis of Assisi
Feast 4th Oct.
Families 30
Parish Priest Fr. Santosh Ekka OFM, 8180829409
Religious House (Men) Orders of Friars Minor
Religious House (Women) Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King

In 1964, some of the WCL employees approached Bishop Raymond to send a priest to celebrate mass for the catholic families. Accordingly Bishop sent the priests from Padri Thana.

Fr. Aaron Reddy (1964-1967), the Assistant Parish Priest at Holy Family Parish at Padrithana. Fr. Mathew Fernandes, the Principal of S.F.S. School Nagpur, Fr. Mathew Kaimaleth, the Parish Priest of Holy Family Church, Unthkhana   (1967-1970) celebrated mass in one of WCL quarters.

Fr. Bonnie Mendes (1970-1973), was appointed as the First Parish Priest and began to reside there. Till then, the documents and records were maintained at Holy Family Church Padri Thana. It was in the same years that the first group of Sisters, St. Joseph of Chambery were asked to take care the administration of the school, they left within a period of two years due to the unavoidable reasons.

Fr. Joseph Thundyl (1973-1984), got an official permission to stay in one of the WCL Quaters.  Under his Pastoral care, the land for the church was purchased in 1981. The fund for the construction of the Church was undertaken by Sr. Francesca, F.M.C.K, the Superior. The church construction was completed in 1983. The Church was blessed by Bishop Leobard D'Souza on 18th March 1983, under the patronage of St. Francis of Assisi. Bishop Leobard and Fr. Thundyl named it so because of the work of Sr. Francesca. The F.M.C.K. sisters came in 1975 and are continuing to take care of the school till today. The sisters are known, for their outstanding contribution here in the field of education for more than twenty five years.

This parish was handed over to the Franciscans (OFM)  on 26th January 1996 by Bishop Leobard D'Souza. On the same day, Assisi Sadan was blessed and since then, this house has been functioning as a House of Formation (Postulancy). From 2010, the house is serving as the head quarters for the Franciscans for the Dependant Custody of the Mary, Mother of God Province, North Region. Now we have begun a house of an Initiation Year for the Candidates from 2011 onwards.

I. Ongoing Activities in the Parish:

1)  Parish Youth Day

2)  Mother's Day

3) Parish Feast

4)  Children's Day

5)  Mission Sunday

6)  Christ the King Feast: At Deanery Level

7)  Charismatic Retreat

8)  Parish Picnic Day

9)  Way of the Cross

10)  SCC Prayer Service on Every Thursday

There is an emerging challenge in the parishes, as WCL mines were closed for some days. As a result, there is a frequent transfer of our parishioners, which disturbs the regular activities of the parish.  However, there is a tremendous effort to bring up the parish both spiritually and physically. Finally, the future plan of the parish is to renovate the Church and to evangelize many more people into our faith from the locality, as this parish mainly depends upon the WCL employees.