archbishop message

NAGPUR, the City of Oranges, or Orange Basket of India as Rajdhani trains would call it, is in the center of India. Nagpur is not merely the geographical center of India, as the zero mile stone is here, but it is the cultural, political and religious center of India.
    Almost all the Religions and cultures of our country find their meeting place here.   People do live in close harmony and peaceful atmosphere here. This   is a distinctive land mark of Nagpur.

  Christianity here with at least two centuries of history, tracing its origin to the French MSFS Missionaries and others coming to this heart land of the country via Visakhapatnam. The beautiful Church in Kamptee Cantonment is probably the oldest church in central I ndia.St. Francis de Sales Cathedral is another land mark in Nagpur city, and you can see its spirals touching the sky as you travel in the train. We have a good number of Churches in Nagpur,belonging to various denominations and people are very fervent in their Christian life.

Our Educational Institutions are known for their quality of service & excellence. St. Charles' Seminary gives its name Seminary Hill to the beautiful hillock on western part of the city. It educates many Students to become Priests in the future for North India. We have a beautiful Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes popularly known as Lourde Matha Mandir at the foot of this hill.
This shrine over 110 years old, attracts thousands of pilgrims of all Religions throughout the year especially around 11th of February the annual feast day.

God bless you and your family,
 Abp. Elias Gonsalves