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Greetings beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,
With profound joy and gratitude, I extend my sincere blessings to each of you on this auspicious occasion of the unveiling of the redesigned Nagpur Archdiocese website. As we embark on this digital journey, we are reminded of the profound impact that social communication has in connecting the hearts of people in the love of Christ.
In this age of rapid technological advancement, social communication platforms serve as powerful tools to spread the message of God's love and mercy to every corner of the world. Through the internet, we have the opportunity to reach individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering unity in the body of Christ.
One of the primary objectives of the Media and Communication Commission of the Archdiocese of Nagpur is "To develop an efficient technical communication system." I am pleased that the enhancement of aesthetics and the implementation of a user-friendly interface will facilitate smooth navigation of our website, thus fulfilling this objective.
The unveiling of our redesigned website symbolizes our dedication to embracing the digital era and utilizing modern technology to proclaim the Gospel message. It is a platform where we can share not just the current events of the Archdiocese but also the richness of our Catholic faith, provide resources for spiritual growth, and foster community among the faithful.
May this website serve as a beacon of light in the digital realm, guiding souls closer to the heart of Christ. May it inspire and nourish all who visit, strengthening our bonds of communion as we journey together in faith. As we inaugurate this website, let us entrust it to the loving care of our Heavenly Father, asking for His guidance and blessing upon all who visit its pages.
With prayers and best wishes,

†Elias Gonsalves
Archbishop of Nagpur

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