Chhindwara – Seoni

St. Paul’s Vinayalaya, Aherwada, P.O. Bandeli, Tal – Keolari, Dist. – M.P. – 480994 - 07694-263010

Established 1996
Sub-Station Keolari, Tala Ugli
Patron St. Paul
Feast 25th Jan
Families 96
Parish Priest Fr: AmardasBaghel, O. Praem, 9425938204,
Asst. Priest Fr. Dharm Kishore, O. Praem, 8461963712,
Religious House (Men) Norbertine Fathers
Religious House (Women) Maids of the Poor

Aherwada mission was a visiting mission of Balpur mission of Jabalpur Diocese since 1978. Aherwada is a small interior village situated 10 kms away from Keolari Tahsil. This mission is 196 kms away from Nagpur city and comes under Seoni distirict of Madhya Pradesh.

In the year 1980, Maids of the Poor, a secular institution from Lucknow staying in Balpur began to visit Aherwada and later made their permanent residence at Aherwada which was by then under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Nagpur. Catechumens of the village used to regularly take part in the sunday masses in Nainpur and Fr. Cyril from Seoni was appointed to take care of their spiritual needs. Fr. Albert D' Souza was the first priest in charge of Aherwada mission. In the year 1991 Fr. Louis Bhosle and Fr. Yesu Raj built the residence and a hall for the church purposes. Fr. John Vianney succeeded Fr. Louis Bhosle and Late Fr. Kurien became the mission in charge after Fr. John Vianney.

On December 17, 1998 a contract was signed between the Archdiocese of Nagpur and the then St. Norbert Priory, Jamtara, Jabalpur. Since then this Mission station is given to the care of the Norbertines. On December 22nd, 1998 Fr. Eliazar Soemerim O.Praem was appointed as the first Norbertine priest in charge of the mission. He worked for 11 years for the development of the mission. At present Fr. Briddhichand Nonwer, O.Praem is the priest in charge of this mission.

When the mission was taken up by the Norbetines the catholic population was just 44 including the fathers and sisters. Formerly the mission consisted of two visiting stations namely Keolari (10km) and Tala (14km). Today a new visiting station namely Ugli which is 26 km away is part Aherwada mission and the number of Catholics belonging to this mission at present is 96. The Parish feast is celebrated on 25th of January.

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