Life Sketch of Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangra

Most Rev. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara was born on 5th June 1943 in Kallara, in the district of Kottayam in Kerala (parents, brothers and sisters) He did his early schooling in his native place. From early on he had an inner urge to become a Priest therefore after having completed his high school studies he left for Indore in north India in 1960 to become a missionary Priest.

He did his early college studies in Indore and further Major studies in St. Charles’ Seminary Nagpur. He has his Bacaulariate in Theology (B.Th.). He did his B.A from Sagar University M P with Hindi as main subject. After all his Philosophy, Theology and secular studies, Seminary training, Regency experience he was ordained a Catholic Priest on 28th October 1969.

For sometime he served as Parish Priest and District Superior of Sendhwa Parish of Khargone, M.P.

He has a special privilege of becoming a Bishop at the very young age of 34. He holds a record of becoming the 100th Bishop in India and straight away he was appointed the first Bishop of the newly created diocese of Khandwa (Bifurcated from Indore Diocese) He was consecrated Bishop on 13th July 1977.

Selflessly, with enthusiasm and dedication and with heart full of love for all people served the diocese of Khandwa for two decades. There he had a very good, respectful and harmonious relationship with all sorts, especially with the people of other faith like Muslims and Hindus. He has specially affinity towards our national language and he is known for his public speaking. His public speeches are touching, challenging, transforming and more than his speeches his very life style is down to earth.

After serving Khandwa Diocese for 21 full years, he was promoted as the Metropolitan Archbishop of Nagpur and took possession on 22nd April 1998. Since then he has given a new direction to Nagpur Archdiocese. After his arrival to Nagpur, under his dynamic personality and able leadership the Archdiocese of Nagpur is full of life and is marching towards new horizon in terms of service to the people and in contributing to nation building and national integration.

There are many Catholic Institutions including a large Major Seminary belonging to Nagpur Archdiocese. He is the head of all these institutions like SFS School, SFS College, St. Charles Seminary to name a few. Archbishop Abraham is very much interested in Inter Religious Dialogue and integration of all Religion.

At his repeated request to the members of Catholic Bishops Conference of India a new Commission for Youth was created in 1986 and he was made the first Chairman of this Youth Commission. He is very much concerned and has special love for youth and he himself is very much young at heart and he is as energetic as any of the youth we see. He has wide experience of mingling with youth and laity. He is presently called the father of youth.

He was the Chairman of the Western Region Bishops’ Council (Comprising of Goa-Maharhshtra and Gujarat States) from 1998 to 2004.

His Jurisdiction as Archbishop of Nagpur extends presently to the whole of Vidarbha, Marathwada and part of M.P. He reads the signs of the time, works for the well being of all. He is an effective leader, inspirer, educationist, visionary and above all a man of God. Blessed are all those who come in contact with him.

Presently he is a member of the Governing Board of St. John’s Academy of Health Science (Medical College and Hospital), Bangalore.

He is presently appointed Ecclesiastical adviser of Jesus Youth (International Organization for Youth)

With deep sense of respect he is officially addressed as His Grace / Most Reverend / or in Hindi Bishop Swami Abraham Viruthakulangara.