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Sandesh Sadan, Catholic Church, Bungalow No. 157, Keoti Ward, Seoni – 48066 Ph: 07692221740

Established 1970
Sub-Station Gopalganj, Suktara Kurai, Barghat
Patron Annunciation
Feast 25th March
Families 27
Parish Priest Fr. Jojo Vincent, +919921709627
Asst. Priest Fr. Sameer Nagrare, +919753675543
Religious House (Women) Assisi Sisters of Mary Immaculate (ASMI)

Seoni is one of the district of Madhya Pradesh. It's geographic and natural situations are very different. It is located between Nagpur and Jabalpur. During British rule only two Scottish mission churches existed in Seoni District. It was built around in 18th century. Earlier there were no catholic churches in Seoni , fathers would come from Chhindwada to celebrate mass for the catholic families namely Joseph family and Doyle family. Later students from Kerala came there to do their course in nursing. Many were Catholics. Seeing the increasing catholic population the visiting priest felt the need for a church.

Fr. Edwin Alvares used to celebrate Mass in the Octroi shed and also stayed there . Father started looking for a place to build church, during  that time he expressed his desire to then bishop Leobard D'souza. Bishop agreed.

There was a Bungalow which belonged to Rajendra Gupta, an advocate who had given it to State Bank of India for rent. As it was God's will, the bank got its own new building, so Fr. Edwin Alvares purchased the land from them and named it Sandesh Sadan because he acquired the land on 25th March, the day of Annunciation.  The place was not sufficient for the church, so he looked for some more land close to the bungalow. In 1973, he managed to purchase some land and construct the present church.

Rev. Fr. Edwin Alvares,  the first Parish Priest.

In 2001 Most Rev. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara had a plan to build a school in Seoni. So a small piece of land was purchased and St. Francis of Assisi Pre-Primary School came into existence. Today by the grace of God the school is growing day by day and reached 10th standard. Bishop swami invited ASMI Sisters to work in the school .

Joshua -1:5 “The Lord says, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life, I will be with you..”

Priests at Sandesh Sadan (1973 to 2012)

1.   Rev. Fr. Edwin Alvares

2.   Rev. Fr. Cyril Lobo

3.   Rev. Fr. Edwin Alvares

4.   Rev. Fr. Louis Bhosle

5.   Rev. Fr. Augustine Kadam

6  Rev. Fr. Aaron Reddy

7.   Rev. Fr. Stephen Moniz

8.   Rev. Fr. Jeya Prakash & Rev. Fr. Joseph Kannanaikal SDV