Parish & Mission Stations
Baihar Baihar


St. Jude’s Church, P.O. – Baihar, Dt. – Balaghat, M.P. – 481111 - 07636-256621

Established 1998
Sub-Station Ghadi, Ukuwa
Patron St. Jude
Feast 28 Oct
Families 21
Parish Priest Fr. Simon Fernades, +917774906991
Asst. Priest Fr. NirdhoshXalxo, +918959849041

Baihar mission is one of the furthest missions of the Archdiocese of Nagpur and is situated 290 kms away from the archdiocesan headquarters. Baihar mission is in remote village which comes under the Baihar Tahasil of Balaghat district in the state of MP. It is situated in the Satpuda mountain range. The inhabitants of this place are Gond Tribal and their frugal lifestyle is being met by gathering scarce forest products. This moderate mission house established in the year 1999 to serve as a place of worship for the catechumens and double itself as accommodation for the parish priest and other functionaries. This house was purchased from a Muslim family .This mission comprises of two sub- station, UKUWA and GHADI.


It is situated between Balaghat and Baihar Mission. It's about 30 km away from Baihar. People of this place are workers in the mines so in the beginning fathers used to come from Nagpur, Gondiya and Balaghat for the spiritual needs of the people. The present church 'St Ann's Catholic Church' was  build in the year 1996. But slowly catholic people were transferred from this place to Balaghat and Thirodi and now only five family remain.


This village mission is about 30kms away from the Baihar mission with Catholics and catechumens families. Early years fathers and sisters from Garatola and Kudela mission come for the spiritual and physical needs of the people. Presently one village chapel serves the needs of the people.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths". (Prov. 3 : 5 - 6 )

We people of Baihar mission remember and pray with love for our previous Fathers who through the Lord directed our path, specially Fr. Cyril Lobo,    Fr. Albert D'soza , Fr. Jokim Fernandez, Fr. Rudolf Toppo, Fr. Jose Chakalakal, and Liju Anthony and sisters of Good Shepherd and SMMI.

Balaghat Balaghat


Udgrahanalaya, Sadan Path, Sindhi Colony, Ward No. – 21, Balaghat – 481001, M.P. – 481001 - 07632-248351

Established 1983
Sub-Station Bharveli, Waraseoni, Tirodi
Patron Our Lady of Assumption
Feast 15th Aug.
Families 34
Parish Priest Fr. Vikas Joseph, 9993639094,
Asst. Priest Roshymon Peter, 7264812334,
Religious House (Women) 1) Good Shepherd Sisters
2) Deen Bandhu Sisters

Until 1976, priest from Gondia used to visit Balaghat to cater to the pastoral needs of the faithful and the Holy Mass was celebrated in the house of late Mr. Abraham. Fr. Lourdu Raj was appointed as Parish Priest of Balaghat in 1976 and he used to stay in the house of Dr. Pardi on rent.

From Balaghat, Fr. Lourdu Raj used to visit the substations like Bahrweli, Waraseoni, Rampayli and Tirodi, and administer the Sacraments. A piece of land was bought in 1980 for the purpose of building a Church; but it was Fr. Stephen Moniz who completed the construction of the Church as it stands now in 1983. It is named as 'Our Lady of the Assumption Church'.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd came to Balaghat in 1990 to serve the people of God through social work; and in 2004, Sisters of Deen Bandu Samaj opened their house in Balaghat to teach in St. Mary's School which is run and administered by Nagpur Archdiocese.

Many priests have served in this parish namely, Fr. Lourdu Raj, Fr.Stephen Moniz, Fr. Aaron Reddy, Fr. John, Fr. Sameer Baptist, Fr. Susai OMI, Fr. P.M. Thomas, Fr. Rudolf Toppo, Fr. Jose Chakkallakal, Fr. Jose Panakkal, Fr. Liju Anthony, Fr. Samuel Prashant, Br. James and Br. AlokTete.

Garratola Garratola


Catholic Mission P. O Garratola – 481051, Tal. –Birsa, Dist. -Balaghat. M. P. - 07637-226105

Established 1970
Sub-Station Devgaon, Pandriipathra, Salghat, Chainatola, Nangbahra, Malajkhand, Bhima, Lalpuria, Bhorruk
Patron Sacred Heart
Feast 29th June
Parish Priest Fr. Rudolf Toppo
Asst. Priest Fr. MadanuBalaraj, +919767668780
Religious House (Men) Montfort Brothers
Religious House (Women) Good Shepherd Sisters

The missionaries had come on a bullock cart from Vishakhapatanam to proclaim salvation. Likewise Fr. Cyril Lobo was the pioneer of Garratola Mission Station. Fr. Cyril Lobo began his journey and had no shelter but stayed under the tree. He further landed in Kurela Mission station where the Dutch Fathers used to live. For three years, he studied from the Dutch Fathers, the missionary tactic of medicine and got a diploma in Homoepathic and Ayurvedic.

In 1968, he built first the presbytery and chapel. People started calling him Bunglevala Doctor Sahib. He began his work with Gonds through medicines. With the help of Katra Hospital, he opened a clinic as sub-station of Katra Hospital. Even CHAI approved of it. People from Gondia, Chindwara, Raipur and Jabalpur and even Nagpur used to come for medicines.


A journey together to build the kingdom of God experiencing the Father's love brought by Jesus Christ imbued with the Holy Spirit witnessing to all in the neighbourhood through Small Christian Community.


To build up Eucharist centered Christian communities and human communities based on Gospel values where all members fulfill their responsibilities in a participatory manner.

1st Parish Priest Fr. Cyril Lobo :

Initially, a layman Vincent by name was his companion. Soon he discovered some Catholics at Baihar and frequently said Mass for them.  Mode of transport was not frequent. Police and the people initially troubled him but later on became his friends. After layman Vincent left, an oraon Mr. Francis Xalxo was chosen by Father to be a companion and later on made him the first Catechist. He in turn brought few more oraons. They bought land from Gonds and began to settle. The oraons were swift in agricultural procedure. Today Oraon Family has touched the height of 125 families.

In 1979, Fr. Cyril was transferred to Seoni  and Fr. Edwin Alvares took charge. Archbishop Most Rev. Leobard D'souza focus of attention was more on Mission stations. He encouraged on grass-root approach and therefore regular visits to the mission continued. Lumko series was implemented and thus Basic Christian Community living was encouraged.

1st March 1989 St. Joseph's Church, Malanjkand was built with Fr. Albert D'souza as the Parish Priest. During Fr. Albert's time with the help of the parishioners, mud house community hall was built for Mass and other activities. He emphasized on prayer and visited houses even walking several distances. People asked for health centre and school.

2000 Jubilee year on 30th June, New Church was built with Fr. Joaquim Fernandes as the Parish Priest. He built small synagogue houses for prayer in Devgaon, Pandipatra, Chinatola, Lalpur, Salgat, Nangbara. He introduced in getting and making use of Gobar Gas plant.

Fr. Sebastian D'costa Fernandes took over as Parish Priest in first week of May 2010. With the help of the assistance regular masses and visits were made at Devgaon, Pandipatra, Chinatola, Lalpur, Salgat, Nangbara, Boorook, Nikum, Bhima. Catering to the Seven Sacraments and prayers especially Adoration were highlighted, got families united and worked towards team spirit.      Fr. Sebastian celebrated Silver Jubilee as priest on 2nd April 2012, a booklet titled “LET YOUR CROSS BE MY CROSS, LET MY CROSS BE YOURS” written by him was released by Most Rev. Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara, Archbishop of Nagpur.

Sisters of Good Shepherd: Their role in the mission began in 1981 and continues till today.

Activities Implemented:

1.  Visiting the Catholics, Baigas and Gond families

2.  In 1995 a NGO-Jan Shakti Sanchalan was formed – For the people to realize their inner strength and potentials for their development.

3. In 1998 with the recommendation of Rev. Fr. Glen Mascarenhas they got the project from Holistic Child Development  India – Pune for Long term Project- 8 years. 

    Within 8 years sisters were able to achieve lots of developmental for the tribal people. Early childhood care, education, health and nutritious; community

    organisation- promotion and formation of Women's Self Help groups, farmers groups, youth groups, and children's parliament and Grihini center for the school drop

    - out girls and boys- ITI for the boys in various trades and income generating Programme, watershed development .

Successful Story:-

Through the Health Intervention every year around 3000 sick people receive the treatment. Through Child Focused Community Development programme the sisters with the help of local staff are able to enroll 2500 school dropout children in the Government primary school.

Montfort Brothers: Their role in the mission began in 1998 and continues till today.

Boys Home :-

To facilitate the economically backward students and poor tribal children (without any exception). Some of these children lived in remote villages. A hostel was started in the year 2001, with 11 students. This year there are over 100 students in the hostel where a good many of them are benefitting maximum concession. The school is utilized as study center for the inmates of the hostel and other needy students, as they do not have electricity at home.

Success story :

Glad to mention that within 15 years of service at Garratola, the brothers could send hundreds of children for Medicine, Nursing, Poly Technique, Pharmaceutical, Industrial training programs consists of ( motor mechanic, plumber, carpentry, welding, machinist, electrician, engineering, Air Force etc). As a result they are able to stand on their feet. Out of which more than 75 % of the students started earning and others are yet to complete their courses.

Heb: 6:10 - “God will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for Him in the help you gave and are still giving.